Meditwitt India: A Dedicated Healthcare Marketer Hacking Growth for Healthcare Organizations

  I A Mokashi ,Founder & CEO

I A Mokashi, Founder & CEO

Extremely unlike other industries, the healthcare realm caters to the entire mankind. And today’s consumers, regardless of the spectrum, are increasingly becoming online-dependent to the tune of patients relying on apps and websites to make healthcare decisions. While this makes it inevitable for individual practitioners & hospitals to repose at the cutting-edge of digital marketing, it also divulges the account of even legacy hospitals with apathetic digital presence grappling with steep slopes in their revenue graphs, despite rendering quality treatment. Given the idiosyncrasy & compliance requirements of this niche segment causing heterogeneous digital marketers to time and again burn their fingers, need of the hour is a dedicated digital marketer & business developer who can equip healthcare organizations to combat the outrage of the digital revolution.

No wonder ‘Meditwitt India’ has emerged into the crux of the healthcare industry by digitally reinventing and often inventing close to 100+ large & SME hospitals (clients) within merely a couple of years from its inception. This full-service economic marketing & advertising organization is dedicated exclusively to helping healthcare organizations & doctors attract new patients, enhance their (brands’) reputations, and maximize their business success. In the process, with tailor-made marketing solutions, this holistic & integrated branding & marketing firm has not only improved its clients’ brand persona & significantly increased their revenue, but also has given rise to several hospital brands right from the scratch.

"Meditwitt India has emerged into the crux of the healthcare industry by digitally reinventing and often inventing close to 100+ large & SME hospitals"

A Holistic & Innovative Approach
Nearly 16 months back, an ABPS Certified Indian plastic surgeon settled in the U.S. met with these tremendous capabilities of Meditwitt India when he had just moved back to India aspiring to start a hospital in the subcontinent, despite the lack of acquaintance with the country’s divergent healthcare landscape. He knocked Meditwitt’s doors, and the rest of the story is a jaw-dropping one for any doctor the world over. Starting from finding an ideal locus for constructing the hospital to performing the interiors, purchasing state-of-the-art equipment, and hiring & training the doctors & staffs in sales & marketing, and from engendering a brand out of the hospital to giving it ample international exposure (medical tourism), the company wore the capes of a savior and helped the doctor realize his dream. Today, while he is one of Meditwitt’s happiest clients, the newly built hospital has more visitors & revenue than all other hospitals of the same line in the city. Interestingly, few among them have been operational for the last two decades!

“Be it someone looking forward to starting a hospital, a doctor,
hospital or pharma company aspiring to go level-next, or even a hospital that’s on the verge of shutting-down, we perform the rescue operations by mixing science, logic, emotion, and creativity to create impactful, highly affordable & engaging communication campaigns that speak to the hearts and minds of patients, consumers, and healthcare professionals,” proclaims I A Mokashi, Founder & CEO, Meditwitt. Of late, the company’s innovative & highly informative video campaigns have gathered a lot of appreciation from the clients as well as audience – a bid that traces back to its keen focus on script writing and presence of mind to think beyond mere blogs.

"Meditwitt today is shifting gears, applying a huge amount of focus on digital marketing training for doctors and hospital staffs"

Complimenting this innovative DNA is its prowess in attracting and channeling medical tourists to its clients, which alone increases the revenue exponentially; not to mention the investor facilitation and management services that fuel the growth plans of hospitals. In addition, Meditwitt has also certified Google Adword, which have already paid-off as its 7000 keywords organically and Paid online are featuring on first page of google search today. Putting it in a nutshell, team Meditwitt has been successful in establishing a priceless proposition: the growth hackers for healthcare organizations!

Healthcare Milieu Inside
While the exclusive approach takes credit of Meditwitt’s success, the efforts of a robust team, which boasts of its comprehensive medical background and led by the most senior healthcare marketers, doctors, healthcare digital marketers & IT engineers, have been instrumental in making it happen. “Our scientists take the guesswork out of marketing by crunching data and everything that’s measurable to identify where to direct marketing budgets in order to maximize impact,” adds Mokashi. The team also incorporates strategists, account managers, writers, designers, media buyers, programmers, video producers, internet marketing specialists, and most predominantly, a group of four experienced research-specialists who ensure that Meditwitt travels well-ahead of the dynamic trends & compliance requirements. Period.

“Each and every person working in our cubicles has a healthcare background, be it a sales executive or a developer. This makes us the only company that understands the thought process of doctors, requirements of hospitals, and pulse of the patients, simultaneously. Hence, we bridge the gap between healthcare providers and patients, which intrinsically swells the growth of organizations,” adjoins Mokashi.

The Training Division
Meditwitt today is shifting gears, applying a huge amount of focus on digital marketing training for doctors and hospital staff. It possesses a well-crafted training division that envisions projecting doctors & hospital staff towards the management level and fitting in CXO shoes. The already established training division nevertheless smoothens the in-house training, while the work culture is more than flexible and extremely women-friendly. This matchless combination has been the rationale behind its zero attrition till date.

Time to Expand
Founded by Mokashi and other
doctors in 2016 and having kick-started its operations from Bangalore with merely three people on-board, Meditwitt today has come a long way to have a team size of 30+ people looking after its operations across Bangalore, Hyderabad, Dubai, Nepal, Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia. Reportedly, the company during this period has witnessed a growth of whopping 300 percent.

En route to the future, Meditwitt is all set to unfurl its operations PAN India, and in truth has already made real estate moves in Banjara Hill, Hyderabad. “We don’t measure our success by work that is simply cute or clever. Instead, we create and apply proven, effective and ethical marketing systems that produce quantifiable results, and that exactly is our way forward,” concludes Mokashi. Within the next two years, Meditwitt plans to cater at least 1000 doctors across the globe.

Key Management:
I A Mokashi, Founder & CEO
Boasting of his 13 years of experience in thehealthcare industry, Mokashi understands the pain-points of healthcare organizations to the crux, which enables him in leading his team to craft effective solutions.

Meditwitt in Spotlight:
• A full-service economic Online and Offline marketing and advertising organization dedicated exclusively to helping healthcare organizations attract new patients, enhance their reputations (brands) and maximize their business success
• Meditwitt digitally reinvents and often invents brands and sets them on the right track
• Having a special focus on medical tourism, resulting in up to 20 percent additional revenue for its clients
• Certification from Google and Facebook
• Free marketing assessment

Team Meditwitt: The team boasts of its comprehensive medical background, including the co-founders and led by most senior healthcare marketers, Doctors, healthcare digital marketers & IT engineers.

The Meditwitt Training:It possesses a well-crafted training division that envisions projecting doctors & hospital staff towards the management level and fitting in CXO shoes.

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment: 2016
Headquarter: Bangalore
Other Operational Areas: Hyderabad, Dubai, Nepal, Riyadh, and Saudi Arabia

• Digital Medical Marketing
• Marketing Audit & Plan
• Social Media Marketing
• Hospital Websites/Apps/Software/Hosting
• Hospital Referral Marketing
• Public Relation/Reputation Management
• Business Development & Branding
• Market Positioning Strategy
• Investors Finalization and Management
• Video/Film/Advertising
• Artificial Intelligence Software Integration
• Hospital Medical Record Software
• Hospital Staff Recruitment/Training

2016: Inception with just three people on-board
2017: 50+ clients & 18+ employees
2018: Close to 100 clients & 30+ employees