Metaorange Digital: Empowering Businesses for a Tech-Driven Future

 Vishal Rustagi, CEO,   Amit Bhatia, CTO

Vishal Rustagi, CEO

Amit Bhatia, CTO

Businesses today are constantly challenged to adapt to new technologies and transform digitally to remain competitive in the industry. However, this journey of digital transformation can be complex, demanding a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and requiring continuous innovation. In this rapidly advancing tech environment, having a reliable partner to navigate this transformation is invaluable.

That's where Metaorange Digital shines as a global digital transformation and consulting partner. The Delhi headquartered firm excels in helping businesses operate more efficiently and effectively leveraging their unique tailor-made technologies. Their mission is clear: to craft fast customized solutions that tackle real-world challenges head-on. Specializing in application migration and modernization for various web and mobile apps, Metaorange Digital leverages the latest technology, innovation, and expertise to assist startups, SMEs, and large enterprises in upgrading all aspects of their business processes, from initial concepts to final execution.

Where It All Began
Metaorange Digital was founded in early 2022 with a vision to modernize legacy applications using cloud technologies and DevOps methods. The company's core foundation stemmed from a noticeable gap in the market, focusing on making legacy applications more efficient, scalable, and reliable. Central to its approach was the integration of cloud tech and DevOps to streamline processes and improve reliability.

Moreover, security was a foundational element. “We understood the paramount importance of safeguarding clients' data and systems, leading us to implement robust security measures and strict compliance adherence right from the out set", affirms Vishal Rustagi, CEO at Metaorange Digital.

Built on these foundation, Metaorange Digital today is a global digital transformation and consulting partner. The young firm has developed expertise in varied services including application development, application modernization, cloud architecture, DevOps, and 24x7 support.

Client Centric Approach
Metaorange Digital places primary emphasis on ensuring customer satisfaction and harbouring innovation. As a consequence, the firm has been able to amass a diverse clientele that ranges from startups and SMEs to large-scale enterprises and assists them in upgrading every aspect of their operations, from ideation to final execution.

Keeping innovation at its core, the company ensures that existing applications are transformed in line with the latest trends in technology and design, enabling their clients to stay ahead in the digital landscape. Additionally, Metaorange Digital renders higher quality, operational excellence, robust security measures, proactive monitoring and support. It also keeps its solutions cost-efficient while ensuring transparent communication, and feedback-driven iteration.
Key Differentiators
Metaorange Digital's Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is rooted in four key pillars. Firstly, Metaorange specializes in quickly embracing emerging technologies and integrating them into solutions resulting in cost-effective solutions. Secondly, they prioritize their clients' needs and continuously refine their products based on user feedback, ensuring that the solutions align with evolving requirements. Thirdly, a culture of creativity and innovation thrives within the organization, inspiring their talented teams to explore inventive solutions to complex challenges. Lastly, Metaorange Digital remains at the forefront of market trends and technology, ensuring not only their adaptability but also that of their clients to future advancements.

Metaorange Digital stands out for its expertise in legacy application modernization, a flagship service that revitalizes outdated systems with the strategic use of cloud technologies & DevOps methodologies

Mastery in Cloud Solutions and DevOps Expertise
Metaorange serves two types of clients: those unsure about DevOps adoption and those already using it but struggling to manage it efficiently. They provide a DevOps Adoption framework for Type 1 clients, helping them embrace DevOps culture, and a DevOps as a Service package with quarterly goals, allowing clients to focus on outcomes rather than daily operational challenges. Type 1 clients experience streamlined processes and improved collaboration, while Type 2 clients experience enhanced DevOps operations, overcoming resource and scalability issues.

Amit Bhatia, CTO

“Our primary focus is on developing High Availability (HA) architectures, building Disaster Recovery methods, and providing round-the-clock infrastructure monitoring for continuous availability using DevOps methodology,” states Vishal Rustagi. He continues saying “Our DevOps as a Service offering enables these businesses to achieve their objectives without becoming bogged down in day-to-day operational complexity”.

Seizing the DevOps Market Opportunity
The market for DevOps consultants in India has experienced steady growth, driven by several key factors. These include an increased awareness and acceptance of DevOps principles across various industries, the push for digital transformation, cost-efficiency considerations, and a focus on achieving a strong return on investment (ROI). Additionally, businesses have recognized the competitive advantages offered by DevOps, particularly in terms of automation and addressing the complexities of modern IT environments.

Currently, the heightened concerns regarding security and compliance, coupled with a shortage of skilled DevOps professionals, have led many companies to seek the guidance of DevOps consultants. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of DevOps practices as businesses strive to adapt to remote work requirements and enhance their online services".

The Path Forward
Metaorange Digital is committed to expanding its service offerings and embracing innovation in emerging technology sectors such as edge computing, IoT, advanced cybersecurity solutions and AI/ML applications. The company is not limited to domestic markets but also aims to establish a global footprint. They aim to become thought leaders in the technology consulting and development space, publishing insightful articles, hosting webinars, and participating in industry conferences.

Efficiency is another key focus for Metaorange Digital. They are investing in tools and partnerships to streamline operations and reduce costs by 50%. This commitment to operational excellence allows them to serve a broader client base while maintaining their high standards. Metaorange Digital's future plans are centered on a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to serving a broader client base.