MyAnmol Insurance: Insure what is Valuable

Karthikeyan Sathyaseelan, Co-Founder,Ravindranath, CEO
Karthikeyan Sathyaseelan, Co-Founder
Ravindranath, CEO
Prashanth U, Director - Technical

Karthikeyan Sathyaseelan cleared his CA in the year 2012. With experience in auditing for different businesses, he uncovered business-related insurance. During this time, he observed that the industry has sufficient salesmen but not many are technically and morally strong enough to do justice to an industry which can bring a small smile to people when they are in deep sorrow. This prompted him and in 2014, he decided to give this business idea a shot. This marked the beginning of MyAnmol Insurance. "Our professionals take a pro-active consultative approach to understand the risks in business, resolving problems and recommending insurance that covers operations from all angles. We believe the first step is to understand the Risk Management needs and we go that extra mile to understand the uniqueness of business or individual needs," enlightens Karthikeyan. MyAnmol Insurance offers a wide range of insurance services which include Health Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Home Insurance, Personal Insurance, Corporate Insurance, Travel Insurance, Burglary or Theft Insurance, Fire Policy, amongst others.
"What we have noticed is that everyone meets a client with the intention to sell. We go with the intention to understand what they need and then analyse what can be the solution to achieve that need or nearest to it. We may take a little longer this way, but we believe it is better for the long run. We as a company believe in sustainability and not just profitability,"asserts Prashanth U, Director- Technical.

The Silver Lining
While the industry houses experienced people, there is hardly anyone in their 20s or 30s with thorough knowledge of the industry. It is primarily because many of the experienced people hold them back for whatsoever reason. "MyAnmol Insurance as a company is lucky that way, we have Mr Ravindranath who is so keen on training the younger generation to give this industry a better, younger and fresher look. We are already focusing on the next 10-20 years; we focus on the next batch of youngsters coming up. We invest in youth and not experience,"mentions Karthikeyan. The MyAnmol Insurance team is guided and mentored by Mr Chidanand, Mr Nandakumar, Mr Jaya Prakash, Mr Shanti Lal Jain and Mr Sathya. This board of experience along with the group of young and energetic CA's and Engineers gives the company a perfect balance of experience, knowledge and energy. "Our work culture can be summed up in three words - Trust, Freedom and Patience. We trust each one in our team. We trust everyone enough to give him or her freedom to bring his or her own style into the game. It takes time, but it makes people enjoy their work," Prashanth states.

The Developments
Initially, when MyAnmol Insurance commenced its operations, it struggled to acquire the IRDA license. Learning along the way, it has grown over the years, outdone the targets it had set by about 150 percent during 2018-19. "We have also started focusing on segments that are usually not tapped into by other bigger broking firms,"Ravindranath K, CEO.

In the coming years, the team wishes to make MyAnmol Insurance known as a knowledgeable, energetic and young company. "Our clients need to feel they are in the right hands not just for now, but for the next 2-3 decades as well. We prepare for it be having training sessions to our next batch of young rock stars by focusing on moral strength, technical knowledge, service over sales, long term over the short term,"he concludes.