MyDrink Beverages: Global Beverage Business Experts

Adomas Pranevicius, Managing Partner &,PrachiHatwalne, Head of APAC, Partner

Adomas Pranevicius, Managing Partner &

PrachiHatwalne, Head of APAC, Partner

The beverage industry has seen new beverage brands launching with full planning and excitement, however, only a fraction of these brands survive. Most of these companies spend half of their budgets and time in R&D just to understand that consumers are not interested in their product. No matter company is being developed by a fresh entrepreneur or a multinational corporation,stories are similar. Companies make mistakes in fields of new product development, marketing and branding, business planning, strategy development, sales and distribution and others. To avoid these mistakes, they hire professionals who share their experience and guide them through the entire process of new product development.

Being the global beverage business consulting company, MyDrink Beverages acts as an all-in-one-shop for everyone in beverage industry, helping not just startups but SMEs and MNC beverage manufacturers to develop beverages, make brands and build businesses. “We are a global team of experts with specialization in beverage industry,” says Adomas Pranevicius, Managing Partner, MyDrink Beverages.

Debuted in 2009, MyDrink caters its services on three stacks: new product development(recipe
development, raw material sourcing and manufacturing set-up), marketing (brand development, packaging design, marketing & communication strategy and business planning) and market intelligence (tailor-made research solutions, opportunity, assessment, category, competitor analysis and integrated solutions). Every consulting unit of the company covers important parts of beverage business development and built on services proposition with an aim to satisfy clients globally.

MyDrink’s global team and tailor-made approach makes the company a one-of-its-kind service provider in its fraternity

One-stop Source

In this highly competitive environment, beverage organizations want deeper understanding of their key business risks, help in strategy & business development, need to update their current product portfolio, outsource recipe development, raise capital, prepare business plan, analyze new trends & competitors, and require integrated research solution. All these changes require external assistance and knowledge, thus MyDrink acts as a partner that guide and provide them full-services solution in each key area of beverages.The company’s highly skilled professionals having in-depth knowledge (beverage science, product development & management, market research, and marketing) leave no stone unturned to meet their client’s requirement.

The team strongly interacts with every customer ona one-to-one
model, analyses their product, pain-points, vision, and brand, and thus suggest customized solutions to achieve success. Additionally, the team exceed severy client’ sex pectations, thanks to its outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, which optimizes production process and improves operation efficiency. “As we develop drinks in our laboratory, we constantly deal with problems that might bring the product down really quickly if untreated or developed without any support from experienced food professionals,” says Adomas.

The Exceptional Creator

MyDrink’s global team and tailor made approach makes the company a one-of-its-kind service provider in its fraternity. Its ability to work globally enablesits Indian and international clients to expand their market reach across the globe (Europe, Middle-East, Africa, U.S. and others). MyDrink’s Indian customers are very enthusiastic start-ups and companies who are flourishing in different sectors and wish to enter the Beverage industry. Their concepts and their vision for the next generation of drinks are sure indication that innovation and risk taking ability are on a rise. “We are sure next few years are to look out for in terms of the smaller and innovative companies giving the MNC and set brands something to worry about,” asserts Admos.

Having its presence in Lithuania (Kaunas),UK (Bristol), and India (Mumbai), company aims to expand in SEA through state-of-the-art laboratory facility in India and set up a network of beverages globally to help customers expand internationally. “We are growing at a steady 40 percent year-on-year globally and in SEA, we have more than 100 percent growth (as company has just entered the market and the base is small),” concludes Adomas.