NEB Sports: Redefining The Sports Event Space Of India

Nagaraj Adiga,Chairman & Managing Director

Nagaraj Adiga

Chairman & Managing Director

From becoming a multi-billion dollar global industry to witnessing continues growth, the sports business is being propelled by enormous consumer demand. Consequently, the global sports management industry is growing rapidly with a great pace. Same is the scenario in India, where the emergence of multiple sporting leagues in different sports has opened up a world of possibilities and has widened the previously miniscule scope of activities.

However, to keep booming, the industry needs to be guided by experts with a wide range of managerial skills in subjects such as branding, analytics, marketing, human resources, promoting and many other traditional business competencies but with a specific focus on the diverse dynamics of the sports industry. This is where the sports event management firms are endeavouring to make the process easy as well as efficient. One such connoisseur in sports event management is NEB Sports.

Established in 2007, Bangalore-based NEB Sports constantly strives to organize the finest event in the sports event industry. Its flagship events are city marathons and the organization covers all the major cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Apart from that NEB Sports organizes events to cater to participants with various fitness levels - Stadium and Ultra Runs for seasoned & professional runners, 10K challenge for aspiring runners and 5K challenge for
beginners. The firm also organizes various corporate runs as a part of employee engagement initiatives. Not just that, organizing Cycling, Golf Events and also `Women's Day Run' to celebrate Women Empowerment are some events handled by the organization on a regular basis.

Differential Factor
Planning and executing an event requires deep knowledge & expertise and NEB Sports is highly rich on this factor. The firm comprises specialists as well as runners and athletes themselves, who work behind the scenes to make the sports event a great success. But what specifically differentiates the firm from other industry players are its dedicated goals. NEB as an organization aims to promote and develop sports in India. The firm also strives to support and assist the promising sportspersons, who could bring back glory to the country. "It has always been our goal to nurture Indian talent and sup-port athletes to excel in their fields.

Our initiatives aim at identifying sportspersons from small towns and rural areas across India and provide them with a platform to showcase their talent," states Nagaraj Adiga, Chairman & Managing Director, NEB Sports. Apart from that, eco-friendly events along with nourishment of participants are the forte of NEB Sports. The organization encourages plogging as well as beautifying a public place in its events. The concept of offering delicious hot meal post the running event which is highly admired by participants is pioneered by NEB Sports.

It has always been our goal to nurture Indian talent and support athletes to excel in their fields

NEB Sports' contribution to the Indian sports community is huge. For instance, NEB has sponsored Indian Teams to participate in International Competitions such as Asian & Oceania 100km Champion-ships, Jordan; Asian 24hrs Championship, Taipei, and more. The firm has also supported National Inter-District Junior Athletics Meet (NI-DJAM) to identify young talent from remote parts of India. "All our events have Elite Category for Indian Athletes. We also work closely with Sports Federations to support athletes representing the country," boasts Nagaraj.

In the coming future, NEB Sports intends to expand its events port-folio by adding Cycling, Triathlons, and Obstacles Races. "Geographically, we are looking at expanding to other South East countries like Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia," concludes Nagaraj.

Nagaraj Adiga, Chairman & Managing Director
An astute professional with over 35 years of experience, he is the frontrunner in making NEB Sports a successful organization.
Location: Bangalore