NextON Services: Word-class sample expertise and management services

Naim Qadar, Founder & CEO

Naim Qadar

Founder & CEO

An online research veteran with over a decade of specialized online and sampling experience – Naim ul Qadar is the brain behind New Delhi based NextON Services. Naim established NextON as a project management and data collection company with the sole motive of bridging the gap in expectations and understanding between research companies and panel providers about the sample.

Prior to establishing NextON, Naim worked with Greenfield Online (now Toluna) where he launched and managed teams in Sample and Client Services. His next stint was at Springboard Research (now Forrester Research) where his role spanned from proposal development to data analysis. He then started the India Operations of uSamp (now SSI-RN) in 2009. Later in his role as Director of Client Services, he built a strong team of more than 20 project managers. He has also trained many overseas Project Managers. He holds an MBA degree from Hamdard University, New Delhi.

Complete Management of Sample
Established in October 2013 as an innovative, full service online market research company offering online sample, NextON’s technology platform enables reliable feasibility estimates, highly competitive costs, sophisticated quality enforcements and quick turnaround project management.

Backed by a team of online sampling experts and industry veterans, the company offers full-scale project management services in the online research industry.“Our promise is sample expertise and research consultancy. We use these competencies to generate true value for our clients,” mentions Kumar Saurabh – Vice President, Sales & Operations. NextON brings high-value online sampling expertise to the online market research industry. The company has their proprietary panel and reach in 80 countries with multiple affiliates.

The Power of Expertise
Living true to their tagline - THE POWER OF EXPERTISE, NextON team consists of experts specializing in online sampling with years of experience. And these sample experts bring true value to research companies by assisting them in managing sample and fieldwork. “With our experts handling the project from its launch to complete execution; managers at research companies can be rest assured and focus on more strategic issues. We also work closely with panel companies across the world and help them scale their operations with 24x7 coverage around the world,” states Saurabh.
The company maintains a highly engaged panel of respondents who have specifically opted in to participate in online research activities. The panel has been built and actively managed by experience panel managers to ensure quality and responsiveness of each member. The NextON team also deploys real time recruitment techniques to invite respondents. This is done through their network partnership with hundreds of partnerships. The expert panel managers are able to target sample to very detail by using a combination of display, ad, exchanges, search engine marketing and social media.

Furthermore, the sampling and project management tools used by NextON team embraces technology and they use the most advance methods to ensure validity and uniqueness of each respondent. There are relevant checks held and they take necessary steps to avoid duplication of respondents. “We use automatic de- duplication from our own system. Apart from that, we always make sure to employ only those online panel who do quality data fingerprinting even from member’s registration stage,” he informs.

The Road Ahead
Team NextON envisions being globally recognized as a trusted partner and expert in managing large-scale research projects. “Our revenue is growing, and we are expanding in other geographies. We have an office in UAE as well. We are currently focusing more on the Middle-East market,” he concludes.