Nishchint Engineering Consultants: Offering MEPF Consultancy Services Across the Globe

Samir Jitendrabhai Mehta,  CMDToday engineering utilities like Electrical, Extra low voltage, Mechanical, Plumbing, Pumping, HVAC and Fire Protection systems are the basic compulsion of contemporary construction in almost every field. It is considered as a qualified outsourcing and favourable field of construction in all Industrial, commercial and residential projects. Traditional systems of MEPF system have acknowledged a rapid growth with the arrival of new research and inventions every day. Every MEPF consultant works closely throughout the process from `Concept to Commissioning'.

Established in Ahmedabad, Nishchint Engineering Consultants Private Limited is an engineering consulting firm that provides various consultancy services as mentioned above. The company was incepted in the year 1996 and offers engineering utility design related cost effective services.

Nishchint offers MEPF services to various projects such as corporate houses, hospitals, hotels, commercial, residential, industrial, Ports, etc. Nishchint is aware that the major concern of the client is their budget and the time span of the project.

The vision of the organization is to provide the world best technically possible design within client's budget which suits to his pocket and within the time frame predetermined by client. The service is not only limited to this but Nishchint is committed to the green environment and to reduce carbon contents in the
atmosphere and provide the green environment across the globe by providing sustainable design.

Nishchint is providing Electrical consultancy from 1 Volt to 440KV and more and from residential flat to EHV switchyard, there is no boundary for the scope. The scope will start from the point of commencement of supply from electricity supply company and ends up to the smallest load end.

The organisation provides Electrical and Mechanical Consultancy for all type of projects

The organization provides pumping and plumbing consultancy for all type of projects like pumping stations, hotels, hospitals, residential and commercial projects. It includes water supply, drainage, pumping, entire distribution network for all public health services and pumping machineries. Nishchint is also providing the fire hydrant and fire alarm designing services as per local fire authority rules and regulations.

Nishchint provides consultancy for HVAC services for all type of projects like hotels, hospitals, corporate houses IT sectors, etc. HVAC plays major roles where it designs hand to hand with electrical and mechanical services in this green environment and to reduce the carbon contents. Design has to be correlated with power generation and water heating elements with centralized plant of air conditioning which reduces electrical consumption cost of entire project.

Nishchint follows an organized track, where the company agrees to balance services for combined solutions for engineering utility along with Intelligent building management system which take cares for entire building utilities from one platform and provides Combined system which can construct a green building energy efficient building and contributes to the world a bit against the revolution for green environment.

Accommodating advanced inventions and concepts in the field of engineering and convincing clients to get familiar with the inventions is the primary challenge encountered by Nishchint. "Since twenty four years of our journey, we have gathered clients who has been with us from the beginning and are still associated with us, which itself proves our efficiency to satisfy our client with best services from our side", says Samir Mehta, CMD, NECPL. As Nishchint is currently limited to providing only consultancy and designing services, the company intends to expand its business to Project Management Consultancy in the years to come to ensure our client to implementation of the project exactly as per clients' requirements and as per the design and specifications outlined for. The first and foremost baseline of the organisation is satisfaction of client and lifelong relations with them.