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Nikhil Kale,Founder & Director

Nikhil Kale

Founder & Director

When it concerns businesses across every industrial segment, it has been disrupted by a severe force of technological integrations and adoptions. If we look past a decade, the idea of replacing the traditional existing ERP was one of the least considered options, but today, the world of business has completely changed as technology has become the utmost requirement for any business to stay relevant with today's disruptive market. However, the decision to implement an ERP system such as SAP implementation on is very critical to any business as it entails restructuring the business processes that might lead to great changes in the way operations are done. Hence, SAP systems perform best when data quality is high with perfect settings and processes are optimal.

Perfectly understanding the current market situation and business ideologies, one startup who has been striving to aid today's businesses to reach its optimum is Nixcel Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. This Mumbai based company has been playing a significant role as an end to end IT services provider that is delivering futuristic digital solutions to its customers across various segments. They have been aiding various clients to bring digital transformation to their conventional IT Solutions to produce better business outcomes by significantly increasing efficiency and productivity of every business' s operation.

Coming to SAP execution, Nixcel's consulting services has been aiding its clients in implementing best practices in the industry and the main reason behind its capability has been the in-depth industrial experience of Nikhil Kale who is the founder and director of the company. The experience which he has brought to the table has aided numerous up-coming consultants to not only get better placements but also to robustly thrive in this space. by crafting their business with proven technologies, Nixcel has been offering that reset button which can deliver what we can say is a stress-free business technology and IT solutions which significantly will aid in making better decisions.

“Just like every entrepreneur has one life changing story before starting the journey toward success, even I do have. Before
establishing this company, I had started a community four years back called SAP Tech Cafe on WhatsApp with vision and mission i.e. `Work Together and Grow Together' has served its purpose where I was able to share my expertise and knowledge to other people in this space and create one lakh success stories by helping and supporting people to the fullest of my capabilities. Till date, more than 2,700+ consultants have been a part of this community from every corner of the globe," signifies Nikhil.

"We are not only helping each other from a knowledge point of view, but also helping them regarding various job opportunities. And, from 2016, I have recommended and have helped more than 250+ consultants for placements totally free of cost. I have been helping these people or you might say consultants from a fresher level to professional level. With this same passion and positive approach, I wanted to help in the implementation of SAP in the business world with a passion, and handhold my client's business towards its glory and success he adds.

Navigating businesses towards success with smart technologies
Nixcel has also brought its expertise in the next generation ERP technology that empowers companies to capture every opportunity in today's digital world. Their services for implementation of SAP S/4HANA is built on the advanced in-memory platform and SAP's proprietary operational database system which offers a personalized user experience with SAP Fiori. Their product offering has been significantly driving instant value across lines of business and industries. Whether it be on-premise, or cloud, or even hybrid, Nixcel helps in overcoming every complexity so as to generate new opportunities for innovation and development, and stay ahead of the rivalry. Furthermore, the company also provides implementation services for SAP business One - a comprehensive ERP solution. It is an integrated, affordable, business management solution built from the ground up to meet the immediate and long-term needs for today's SMEs.

Enter the quadrant of successful business utilizing the prowess of integrated SAP S/4HANA ERP technology from Nixcel

True Quality Assuring Exclusivity
Bringing 20+ Combined Experience and extensive expertise when it concerns SAP involvement, Nixcel helps organizations to turn their business challenges into meaningful changes by empowering businesses with smart technological solutions. Nixcel robustly supports businesses in an objective consultative approach to either endorse current state or to provide recommendations on how to improve data quality and also maximize the productivity in current processes or overall SAP System Performance. Hence, Nixcel's SAP System Audit and Health Check has been effective and efficient to evaluate the system's internal control design and effectiveness like development processes, and IT governance.

Their extensibility, flexibility and the possibility of adapting the system to company's specific requirements make it one of the best ERP solutions available on the market, which guarantees a range of un-questionable benefits.

"We believe that a healthy system always gives amazing results. Hence, our SAP audit tackles every problem concerning system availability, system confidentiality and system integrity faced by businesses, hence making one's business stronger," concludes Nikhil. Currently, the company has also been leveraging next-gen technologies including Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, to name a few, to drive digitalization and efficiency in the world of business.