Niyash: A Renowned Maven in Achieving Zero Defect & Zero Delay across Construction Projects

Yashavant Pandit,Founder

Yashavant Pandit, Founder

Outclassing as one of the chief tools for the development of urban and rural sectors is the construction realm in India, which has always witnessed bulk order inflows as well as fast-paced adaptation to the unfolding advancements. Yet, a vast spectrum of construction projects are entangled with failures in performance which are paving way to grave delays and also time and cost overrun. Among the consultants anchored in the project management space, very few are equipped with the knack to overcome these adversities of project delays, as well as time and cost overrun.

Harbouring a long-standing fervour for quality work in the construction sphere, Niyash is eminent for its expertise in accomplishing zero work defect as well as zero delay across the construction projects of its clientele. Since its foundation in 1998, the firm has been operating on the basic module of manufacturing that fetches a maximum achievable quantity while never restricting itself to half-hearted inspections. Time and again, Niyash believes in executing deep analysis and micro-level estimation of prospective construction projects by leveraging
its forte for proactive planning and innovative approach. The firm also deploys the latest valued engineering technologies across all its projects.

"Niyash believes in executing deep analysis and micro-level estimation of prospective construction projects by leveraging its forte for proactive planning and innovative approach"

Niyash’s Maestros
Recalling Niyash’s team, Yashavant Pandit (Founder), narrates, “We at Niyash are a cadre of highly experienced project managers, senior engineers, engineers and supervisors who collectively work with our fellow clients to deliver them the best-in-class projects on-time”. Yashavant, the mastermind behind the creation of Niyash, holds a remarkable experience of about three decades in the construction industry. An esteemed Civil Engineer, he specializes in the execution of multi-storeyed residential and commercial structures, institutional buildings, bridges, flyovers, low-cost housing and many other building structures.

Niyash involves in the clients’ projects right from the planning stage wherein suggestion in planning, estimation of project, preparation of tender documents, drafting technical specifications of project and many other activities are carried out stringently. It even executes project management across the redevelopment of society along with quantity surveying & tendering, cost management, and many more services. One of Niyash’s pillars of strength is its associations with renowned architects –Uttam C Jain, Chandrakant Patel, Hafeez
Contractor and others along with structural consultants–Sterling, J W Consultants LLP, Gokani Consultants and many more. The firm also holds tie-ups with esteemed organizations like Amal Group, Sumer Group, Mundara Developers, and Maharashtra Police Housing Federation, to name a few for certain projects.

The Exemplary Journey
Kick-starting its journey with two members on-board, Niyash has evolved into a family of 18 people today. In its maiden year, the recosting of Bharat Diamond Bourse earned boundless fame for Niyash. This further paved way to working on flyover tenders and project management with building low-cost housing for Maharashtra Police Housing Federation in the fastest recorded time. Niyash’s team also played a crucial role in the construction of numerous multi-storeyed projects in Mumbai, the entire water theme park in Vijayawada from scratch and also various bungalow projects in Alibaug and Lonavala in Maharashtra. Presently, a variety of small-time and big-time multi-storeyed and redevelopment projects is in the pipeline.

Yashavant has so far bagged prestigious awards like Quality Construction Award from Konkan Railway Corporation and Economical High-Grade Concrete Design from American Concrete Institute. With aspirations to keep-up its current status in the future too, the firm is all set to embark onto training construction management industry and also introduce robotic technology across its work for economical, quality and speedy products.