Novocus Legal: Offering Expertise in Patent Process Outsourcing for Inter-Disciplinary Technology Domains

Ruchica,  Director



The world has witnessed numerous technology innovations taking place over time. These innovations have taken place across business domains thus changing perceptions about business operations of the generation. Technology innovations need to be secured properly in order to derive maximum benefit from them both financially and economically. However, clients often face problems such as economization, lack of appropriate professional help, and the like while applying for patenting rights. They have to get the drafting and prosecution done by different providers. This is exactly what Novocus Legal observed before starting business and the firm now provides both patent drafting and prosecution for Patents and Trademarks to its clients. The firm has a team of experienced professionals and is able to provide a plethora of Patent and Technology Processing services across various technical domains such as Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, and Nanotechnology. All innovations related to these interdisciplinary domains require specialized working knowledge for patent processing.

Novocus Legal identifies itself as a multinational consultancy company, established to offer strategic and comprehensive suite of intellectual asset outsourcing solutions to attorneys, law firms and corporations around the world. Since inception, superior quality has been in its ethos and the company has focused on offering innovative solutions that help clients

to achieve their business goals in the most cost effective manner. “Apart from patent drafting and prosecution Novocus Legal provides services in patent search, cross industry opportunity analysis firm, cost-effective technical evaluation services, portfolio research and forecasting, nanotechnology patent services, citation indexing services, patent invalidity search, technology opportunities analysis, and knowledge externality analysis”, mentions Ruchica, Director, Novocus Legal.

Standing Out
Novocus Legal has vast experience of helping clients with highly cost effective Patent ability Searches. Based on this vast experience with patent searches, the company has been able to synchronise its patent searching with cost optimisation in order to provide high quality pre filing searches at an extremely low budget. Novocus Legal follows an innovative and scientific research based approach for invalidity searches. It employs appropriate query expansion methods for improving recall effectiveness and efficiency. One of its query expansion methods includes technical cluster based information retrieval. Cluster-based retrieval assumes that clusters would provide additional evidence to match user's information need. Since cluster based retrieval approaches have relied on automatically created clusters, professionals at Novocus Legal uses technical clusters approach along with highly accurate technical field based approach for invalidity searches.

The company has a team of highly skilled and technically advanced professionals for working in these complex interdisciplinary domains. It follows procedures that are based on recent scientific research and keeps updating its processes with each passing day for achieving further improvement in its excellent work quality. “We have developed an algorithm that identifies patent development paths from a large patent citation network by evaluating the weight of citations between patents. Use of this algorithm reduces time and effort required for citation indexing and provides access to a plethora of knowledge that can result from proper citation indexing”, says Ruchica.

Novocus Legal has developed a specialised Technical Evaluation Gauntlet for assessing cross industry innovation potential.Technical Evaluation Gauntlet is a specialised patent evaluation matrix developed to quantify commercial potential of a patent based on the technical content of the patent.

Future Projections
The company has gained considerable appreciation since its inception and wants to carry along with good work in the days to come. Speaking about the future goals of the company, Ruchica concludes, “We want to move towards specialised knowledge externality analysis both vertical and horizontal for our clients and build more services around patent informatics in the coming years".