Npedia Technologies: Helping Organisations Grow Proactively Along the Contemporary IT Practices

Vijay Vaidyanathan,CEO
Vijay Vaidyanathan, CEO

In the war of sustainability, technical evolution should be the game plan of organizations to avoid redundancy, industrial irrelevance leading to skyrocketing economic investments. However, startups lack the fund to hire the expertise to lead the evolution, while established organizations fail to tap into the senior talent with expertise, as well as experience that can take the reins. Approaching this two-pronged problem with its flexible 'CTO and CIO as-a-service' consultation, is Chennai-based Npedia Technologies offering need-per-basis service model that proves to be a boon for those seeking customized technical consultation for a specific timeline without being billed for the entire tenure of irrelevant services.

With the team's cumulative experience of 25 years as its kryptonite, the organization bears the innate talent to foresee changes in the current IT consulting landscape from the traditional consultative offerings of the past, to more digital transformative models. Vijay Vaidyanathan, CEO, Npedia Technologies, further elucidates, “Earlier, consultants used to be billed for a set period of time, whether they were productive or useful. Now, with as-a-service
models coming-in, companies will utilize only for the time required on an ongoing basis”.

"Npedia is effectively assisting organizations define and adopt AI strategy across the entire line of business to enable efficiency within their enterprise, and help improve customer personalization"

A One-Stop-Solution
Npedia has helped more than half a dozen organizations stuck amidst the dearth of a senior IT talent take better & wider decision-making authority and technology deployment responsibilities. As a result, companies can now take a broader view of the strategy and infrastructure, focusing on business and IT alignment to create most value. Vijay further adds, “We collaborate, advise and perform the same functions as a conventional CIO. We are facilitating work with customers to plan technology roadmap, and identify opportunities to use new technology tools”.

In fact, the team has helped established enterprises with their CIO-as-a-Service, model where they engaged in planning and rollout of new IT projects to help them align using modern web applications and enabled the company to reduce downtimes and plan for business risks. On the other hand, Npedia also extended its services to a new startup with its CTO-as-a-Service model to acquire the right skills, validate the scope for project management and work with tech leads to deliver the correct product, with the value addition product development practices and guidelines.

In a world where customers need
to be engaged in a personalized way, and Digital Transformation is underway to operate in the world of Machine Learning and AI, Npedia is effectively assisting organizations define and adopt AI strategy across the entire line of business to enable efficiency within their enterprise and help improve customer personalization. These services are offered in two packages - Basic and Advanced - that duly help organizations fulfill their due diligence across tech areas, including assessments of code quality, project management, people & roles, architecture, data compliance and security. It takes-on the role of strategically & tactfully managing technology use within the client’s organization, while keeping a stern eye on optimization.

This helps customers make informed decisions, and oversee implementation without tipping the balance of cost effectiveness and internal productivity. The organization expertly imparts strategy consulting and implementation assistance in the areas of Data Sciences, Machine Learning and Voice enabled, AI, which comes in lieu of surplus information available online with limited parameters of accessing it, leveraging it and storing it.

Npedia has grown significantly, acquiring half a dozen customers, including three colleges, co-working spaces and many more. With further innovations in agenda, Vijay concludes saying, “Our future roadmap is in the new offerings of conversational. AI, machine learning data models, AR/VR and guiding businesses adopt more digital transformations”.