Nuberg EPC: Where Ideas Escalate to Expanses of Engineering Excellence

A K Tyagi,Founder & CMD

A K Tyagi, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

When Riyadh-based Midchem’s SACHLO (Saudi Factory for Chlorine & Alkalies) laid its plan for the 2011-commissioned Chlor Alkali EPC project, it took-on an international head-hunt for finding the most efficient ally for heading its development. Several global organizations raged to set ablaze the progress of the project, but the multi-million dollar deal was vested in the hands of the 1996 established Nuberg EPC, who despite initial struggles thrived excellence with advanced technology (Bipolar Membrane Cell Technology Electrolyzer) and competency to ace project management.

Headed by AK Tyagi (Founder, Chairman & Managing Director), this Noida-based company holds a global experience in working with local codes, norms and standards and has delivered over 60 turnkey projects in 30+ countries. All of this was made possible only under the expertise of 300 proficient engineers, flawless in-house systems of FEED (Front End Engineering Design), basic & detailed engineering and the latest software (PIRS, AUTOCAD, HTRI, PRIMAVERA, and STAAD.Pro), that undoubtedly led Nuberg to set the bar within the project management industry.
"Nuberg holds a single-point of accountability for the client, integrating activities of all contractors from different backgrounds"

Subsuming major services like project-definition & management, scoping studies, concept & pre-feasibility studies, due diligence, engineering management, test work program development, Nuberg also caters to multi-disciplined engineering /design, test-work program development /management, and technical reviews, estimating, scheduling and 3D-modeling. Furthermore, a dynamically experienced team of 700+ commit to delivering first-class quality projects within affordable budgets and well-stipulated timing. Be it in the domains of chemicals & fertilizers, hydrocarbons, nuclear/defense or steel, Nuberg holds a single-point of accountability for the client, integrating activities of all contractors from different backgrounds. It’s in-house manufacturing unit, close monitoring of project activities, and use of sophisticated software tools like Primavera, helps to complete the project within the targeted time, cost and quality. Aside this, the company avows stringent international quality and safety protection against health and safety risks (HSE policy) for its employees and other stake holders involved in the completion of the project.

Trumpeting the Success of a Global Tycoon
As a global forerunner in the industry, Nuberg undertakes several EPC & LSTK projects, armoring expertise with the right proficiency to tackle major challenges that include procurement, construction,
management and logistic associated challenges. All of which is done with perfect mastery serving a comprehensive clientele base in Sweden, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Paraguay, Algeria and more.

Triumphant with noteworthy engineering projects like the Egyptian Petrochemical Company (Caustic Soda Plant), the Inovyn at Stenungsund in Sweden and the aforementioned at Riyadh, Nuberg’s decades of expertise and experience of executing caustic soda(NaOH) plants in collaboration with global leaders like INEOS Technologies, AKCC, and CEC for latest chloralkali bi-polar membrane electrolyzer technology has earned the company a niche in the segment. Furthermore, the company’s in-house ultra modern fabrication facility for - plant equipment and its extensive practical knowledge in the plant-erection has linked its world-class project management capabilities.

Nuberg’s hall of Fame & Recognition
Nuberg has branches in various global locations like Sweden (R&D facility), London, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and Egypt. As a one-stop-shop for engineering and construction of industrial plants right from concept to commissioning, the company crowns the know-how of being able to execute 7-8 projects at multiple global locations simultaneously. This has propelled the company to thrive on a CAGR of 30 percent over the past several years. Beside this, to its hall of fame, Nuberg has earned the title of ‘Top 30 EPC Contractors in the Middle East,’ apart from earning the banner of ‘No.1 Company for Chlor Alkali Industry’ in UAE.