Nucleus Consulting Group: A One-Stop Solution For Organizations' Growth Bandwagon

Srikanth Kumar Kota,DirectorFrom helping them to formulate business models, cut costs, predict risk and innovate products, to strengthening their processes for managing talent, staying compliant and recruiting staff, consultancies support their clients in a multitude of ways. This has significantly helped organizations stay ahead of the curve when adopting digital technologies, or adapting to rapidly shifting geopolitical situations. However, the market lacks players who can offer help to the medium and small scale organizations to level up their game so as to compete with the bigger players in the market today. Most of these small to medium scale businesses cannot afford the bigger consulting service providers, hence resulting in the gap that someone has to fill in. Hence, the market today lacks consulting companies which will cater to the smaller, medium companies at the micro level and help them address their issues to the core.

Today, the consulting industry is completely unorganised, wherein, these consultants are individual or freelancers. So the problem here is, either one has to choose between big brands or freelancers who cannot be relied upon. One of the biggest challenges that lingers in the market today is the lack of understanding. And because of this limitation of knowledge, there is lack of proper guidance, mentoring and coaching. And, whenever they try to achieve or work something on a client's project, it will backfire on them and won't be able to handle and come up with a robust solution. Also, NGC is not only helping the organizations, but is also helping the professionals individually for certifications. So, it's a 360 degree support to organizations right from organizational, personal, to professional level.

Perfectly understanding the market dynamics, Nucleus Consulting Group (NCG) established in 2013 has been holding its clients with special focus towards medium to small scale organizations to overcome various complexities and shine out among its peers. In these current times, organizations are facing significant pressures to stay ahead of the competition and operate at high levels of performance. NCG offers a full complement of services that address top-of-mind issues that businesses face today. Their services have been significantly helping clients enhance customer experiences, enable and sustain change, improve operational performance and transform and grow business. With in-depth business analytics, strategic re-planning, and business architecture re-engineering, NGC has been defining robust strategies and enabling process excellence to transform one's business, enhance business performance and ensure sustainability.

"We have in-depth understanding in project management, and we help organisations in improving their project management efficiency. We have been into this field for quite some time, almost 11 years now. We specialise in customised solutions with our deep understanding on project management, and as well as, we help in improving their associates' understanding through gamification," highlights Srikanth Kumar Kota, Director, Nucleus Consulting Group. We are pioneers in gamified learning on project management, and we take up the customisation to the micro level, wherein, we go to the bottom of the issue and try to address issues from the core," he adds.

Taking Project Delivery Competency to the Next Level
One of the USPs of NGC is the Project Management Office (PMO). With this, NGC has been driving the client's ability to achieve
successful results across their entire projects; thus creating a foundation that can turn project management into a sustainable competitive advantage. They have been providing enterprise-level project management support, enhancing the organizational competency and getting stakeholders on board of the strategic initiatives, and also formalizing the project management process with a structured approach to project planning and control whilst dealing with all the project management challenges.

"We need to have robust project management planning, and it is the most important parameter. However, many times, people come up with improper or in-sufficient planning to move ahead, due to which they face many issues and will lack the needed know-how to recover from such a situation. That is where we are perfectly positioned to address this situation. We really dig deep into the micro level and try to understand the exact and core pain point and create case studies around," signifies Srikanth.

"We impart the knowledge through gamification and case studies. We handhold businesses throughout its journey and regularly collect reports, involving them consistently so as to understand how the post-intervention results are. And if at all, anything is required we just go about it again completely, and ensure end results are positive," he adds.

Ensuring Agile Transformation
NCG Agile Transformation consulting is dedicated to providing Agile methodology implementation management and support tailored to fit the businesses we serve. Whether you are just beginning the Agile journey, or are struggling to make existing Agile practices more effective, our consultants are passionate about assessing, recommending and implementing strategies for your success. The NCG approach to Agile Transformation follows a path that they have identified through their work across countless organizations that they have helped transition to Agile practices.

Moreover, working onsite with a large cross-section of industries and organizations, NCG Agile Coaches have observed patterns in the way organizations adopt Agile, and more importantly, identified critical phases most organizations traverse in moving toward Agility They have been providing a comprehensive suite of agile tools and transformation training, coaching, implementation and deployment services to help organizations build high performance Agile teams.

In these current times, organizations are facing significant pressures to stay ahead of the competition and operate at high levels of performance. Ncg offers a full complement of services that address top-of-mind issues that businesses face today

Offering Catalyst for organizational change
NGC has also been exploring the need for the new Center of Excellence-based model and put forward a structure for the transformation to a highly efficient and mature future organization. The company has been creating business process synergies across an organization so as to provide shared skills and best practices. It combines culture, methodology and tools acting as a catalyst for organizational change and performance improvement; managing best practices for a specific functional area with an aim to increase business success and productivity.

Preparing Organizations for Post-Covid Era
As it has been evident how technology is crucial in the world of business today, NGC will be focusing on aiding organizations to adopt technology based solutions and related innovative methodologies to stay relevant with the ever-changing market dynamics. Also, they would be focusing on the organizational capacity building through adopting technology, and helping them in streamlining the transformation process.

"Along with consulting, we're also involved with executive coaching and mentoring, wherein we involve the top management officials and make them aware of the issues that they are facing and how to handle them. We help managers to take on leadership. I personally used to coach them for that. So the executive coaching is also part of our services. As coaching is a different entity, and consulting is a different entity, we offer these two at a same time, to offer an overall solution to our clients. Also, by 2023-24, we are expecting that India, the manufacturing of defense and particular automobile and all will be tremendously increasing. This is where automation is coming into the picture. So we would be offering in-depth advisory services to these players on how to adopt automation and technology, and groom their people who are working from home," alerts Srikanth.

"Our solutions are research based solutions. During our training programs, we have these project management professionals working in big companies, for whom we carry out various research work for them. And, we are soon going to publish one of the research findings very shortly. This is all about project management alone. wherein, we'll dive deep into the challenges that they are facing, and highlight solutions to overcome it. The idea is that, whatever the big trai organizations can do, we can also do it at a cost-effective price. The scale is different, but the intensity, and the delivery will be much higher. They may not spend too much money to get better results, and that is where our approach comes in," concludes Srikanth.