One On One Links Pvt Ltd: Encouraging MSME To Unleash Their Business Potential

Sri Narayana Bhupan,Founder & CEO

Sri Narayana Bhupan

Founder & CEO

In the present time where everything is revolving around technology; market surveys are also digitalizing their ways. In this process incorporating AI seems to be the most promising of the lot. AI combined with machine learning, helps researchers to streamline the core activities of market research like collection, analysis, and interpretation of relevant information at an unprecedented level. Thus, with the use of AI in market research, researchers can ensure better field management, frame more potent questionnaires, make sense of the monster called Big Data, and, finally, boost their creativity. But time is valuable and in a "busy" culture, surveys over fifteen minutes see higher dropout rates. While traditional qualitative research can be time-consuming and expensive, other methods to get qualitative feedback have improved significantly. Online focus groups allow market researchers to speak to more people in a shorter time frame while testing out messages and content all in real-time.

Being a part of MSME for over two decades, Sri Narayana Bhupan, the founder and CEO of One On One Links Pvt Ltd ( most of the MSME followed the traditional approach to business. The main reason behind this is, MSME lacks the knowledge and skills for research, resulting in not applying or utilizing resources. In a developing country like India, MSMEs are the backbone of the country's economy, but there is no authority to support or guide them. Everyone is interested in the corporate world which has already been well established, nobody initiates to take responsibility for scaling the MSME. According to the annual report of the Ministry of MSME, 6 out of 10 MSME close down every two years and the foremost reason is lack of business and market knowledge. Most MSMEs do not have a basic understanding of how to first sustain and then grow their business. To take care of the backbone of the nation, Mr.Bhupan laid the foundation of One On One Links in 2012. One On One Links is a company with a global vision, dedicated to developing ecosystem that will help business owners and business decision-makers grow their business. The company's goal is to provide marketing, business learning, networking and a strong business ecosystem for entrepreneurs and business owners.

One On One Links is a premier business consulting firm located in Bengaluru, motivated by the vision that businesses must reapprofits by providing maximum value. "As the name suggests, One On One Links started with supporting a few business directors from sustainability to growth and from transactional to transformation mindset. The experience and learning encouraged One On One Links, a business consulting and marketing firm to dedicate & Entrebator(ebatorapp)a flagship business ecosystem to support business directors and entrepreneurs mostly in the MSME space", explained Sri Narayana Bhupan, Founder and CEO, One On One Links. Over the years, through the process-oriented marketing solutions, the company has intensively offered several opportunities to business decision-makers, business directors, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to engage with their prospective influencers and enabled them to achieve their growth target.

Marketing Program for Business Directors & Decision Makers
Has anyone ever imagined where will a director go if he/she has a problem in his/her business; there is no such institution or organization till date in this country wherein a director can seek help when he/she requires? This is where & Entrebator comes in the picture. The fundamental function of One On One Links is to build the business eco-system wherein the directors are not left alone. All the services or programs are designed in such a way that it contributes towards the director who can then grow his vision of having a successful business. One On One Links as a business consulting and marketing firm is centred on providing business processes, technology
tools, environments, resources, contacts, and most important the business knowledge to business directors to grow their businesses. At One On One Links, process-oriented marketing program" and" is designed to support the business directors with Online marketing, Offline marketing, and Appline marketing (mobile app).

"Most of the business directors need new contacts and business development methods to gain new clients and scale up their business. By providing time tested marketing solutions and resources through and, we reduce the investment risk, overhead cost, and help the directors focus on their services or product and ROI. In a nutshell, based on their investment capacity we provide consulting and marketing solutions that show measurable results", adds Mr Satish, CMO.

Being part of an exclusive Business Eco-system is vital for any Business Director and Business Growth

Furthermore, business knowledge and marketing knowledge are key to any business success and for most MSME, marketing, and business strategies are unexplored territory. Market Research Study says that marketing and business consulting are as important for MSME as for any major business. Like any other major companies has different departments, One On One Links' and Entrebator business ecosystem functions as a marketing & business consulting department for MSME. Also, most MSME work on their business on a transaction format rather than on transformation format, so the growth is limited to their ability to sell their services or products. One On One Links realizes the potential of transformation and the opportunity to support business directors in their entrepreneurial journey to growth & success.

Supporting Business leaders through and Entrebator (ebator) Eco System
"We at One On ONE Links do not measure success in terms of money but we measure our success by seeing how does a director grows his/her business using our business ecosystem and what is his/her contribution towards the eco-system", said Subhash, COO. The firm is the one and only end to end business consulting and marketing firm supporting MSME. Unlike other consulting firms, the company's primary focus is supporting MSME Directors. One On One Links considers its clients as members of its eco-system and each one must contribute towards the growth of their business. Additionally, One On One Links is a tech-savvy consulting firm where all programs are scalable and measurable. The firm has a three-pong approach - create face to face environments exclusively for business directors, provide technology tools and business processes, and consistently provide business knowledge and training. The company's growth is directly influenced by its members (clients) growth, so all the strategies are geared towards the members' success.

Also, most business directors have an aversion towards technology and change, MSME directors are slow adopters and its challenging to bring into practice new marketing approaches. One On One Links value-based marketing program & Entrebator provides a smooth transaction by adopting the traditional to the modern approach.

As the company's core focus is to support business directors with knowledge, processes, resources and environment that's why the success is directly dependent on the achievement of the company's members. Similarly, one of the members, with One On One Links support and guidance propels his business from zero to a few crores in less than four years. The member could achieve this growth because of the process-oriented support and the business systems which have been created and deployed for his business growth. Base on these learnings, One On One Links has developed skills and business processes that could support the majority of the members.

Future Prospect for MSME
MSME sector is poised for a mega transformation in 2021, with new trends in the e-marketplace and ease of doing business MSME is all set to contribute over 27 percent to the GDP. Ensuring and imparting business knowledge, business processes, availability of low-cost credit, technology up-gradation, and creating value-based practical workshops are the major plans for 2021 and beyond. Keeping these things in mind, One On One Links' fundamental goal is to build the and Entrebator ecosystem wherein more and more directors can join and strengthen the business eco-system. The firm also plans to offer its services to other cities including tier-2 cities in India by harnessing the power of information technology. Adds Ramesh, CTO.

Work Culture: -
One on one links has a composite culture, amalgamation of traditional and modern values. The organisation believes in "with instead of for" all team members work "with" the company or each other instead of "for" the company. The team strongly believes, work is way of life and it's an individual responsibility to work collectively and evolve as an individual. Each team member understands the importance of supporting the business director in his/her quest to achieve his/her vision and take pride and pleasure in collective growth.

Clients Review: -
• "Ebator app and is a wonderful business eco system that can support any business director in their business development and business growth process. I appreciate the mobile app, knowledge session and consistent support always provided by the team. ­ Guru Prasad Murthy GN, Grans Infotech

• "As a business director, offering full and comprehensive solution for geospatial, BIM and infrastructure sector globally, i take full advantage of one on one links business ecosystem, entrebator and to become a global leader.". ­ Vinod Parameshwaran, GEO Centroid