OrangeHealthDigital: A Healthcare Specialised Digital Marketing Expert

Ankita Wadhwa,Co-Founder & Head - Digital Practice

Ankita Wadhwa, Co-Founder& Head - Digital Practice

Over the last couple of decades, digital marketing has become essential for all industries, including the healthcare sector. In fact, the healthcare industry can benefit more from a good medical marketing strategy as compared to other industries, since most people turn to online sources of health information (one in 20 Google searches are linked to health). But unfortunately, today majority of healthcare companies lack in managing their online presence as they fail to understand the nuances of marketing techniques and communication channels.

Comprehending this need of the industry, OrangeHealthDigital offers 360° digital marketing services with integrated approach exclusively for healthcare companies. The company follows a multi channel approach, targeting many channels in different clinical weight age while ascertaining brand presence across multiple channels and creating a funnel for end customer conversion. “Lots of companies focus on a blinded lead generation approach counting the volume generated; but in the end,
"Our focus is on setting-up digital as a profitable revenue generation channel, as that ensures a longer buyin for us too"

they evaluate the campaign for leads converted. This is the gap. Since we integrate deeper with companies, we understand the profile of customers who are more likely to convert and only focus on the converting patients and not vanity metrics of clicks or cost per lead. Generally, for the same product or treatment, there could be multiple customer profiles, and that’s where the communication design comes into play, which changes with every profile. Our focus is on setting-up digital as a profitable revenue generation channel, as that ensures a longer buy-in for us too. Digital is more long-term and it is all about striking a balance between brand awareness and performance marketing,” professes Ankita Wadhwa, Co-Founder & Head – Digital Practice, OrangeHealthDigital. The company encompasses an end-to-end approach such as website & app, Facebook/Google marketing, content creation, marketing analytics, core & functions, digital CRM solutions, marketing strategies, branding, creative services, and e-Commerce management, while designing digital strategy.

Future Technologies
With marketing technologies changing constantly and very rapidly, OrangeHealthDigital tries to be on top of the learning curve by adopting the latest technologies before others jump on the bandwagon, which they believe
give them a competitive advantage in the market for that period of time. The firm is bracing for AI & Machine Learning applications that will change the face of marketing online in the next few years.

By switching to business matrix model, the company has acquired some of the leading names in the industry in a very short span of time. “We work on selective mandates only. OrangeHealthDigital works on a boutique model rather than a factory model, wherein we take only those projects in which we share the same vision with the marketing head and promoters, and projects with a long term horizon. This is one of the reasons why we have such a strong & long-lasting partnership with clients,” adds Ankita.

Having built a strong arsenal of digital marketing solutions under one roof, OrangeHealthDigital has become a synonym for efficiency and expertise, which in-turn ranks it as one of the leading healthcare digital marketing specialist players in the market. Today, it serves a huge clientele base, including doctors, healthcare product companies such as Pure Nutrition, Hexagon Nutrition, OneL ife India; hospitals including the likes of Madhavbaug, Nanavati and Jaslok Hospital; single specialty chains like Dr. Tvacha and Cocoon Fertility; pharma companies like Sanofi India and has recently bagged the digital mandate for a global medical devices company. Enriched with such features, OrangeHealthDigital is soon going to enter global market.