OutSmart Services: One-stop Outsourcing Service Provider with Flexible Scalability

Lalitha Ravi,CEOModern, techno savvy entrepreneurs are largely taking advantage of the operational efficiency achieved from outsourcing business services, since the outsourcing services fetch them reduction in overhead costs, increased productivity and less dependency on in-house talent or skills. To make outsourcing a more efficient way of investment, companies are vigorously looking for intelligent, experienced, qualified and committed outsourcing partners to meet their requirements according to the changing market environment.

Going a step beyond these qualities, Bengaluru based OutSmart Services Pvt. Ltd. provides unrivalled outsourcing services and also single-handedly manages various activities including marketing, technology, customer management, HR and Virtual assistance for customers, so the latter can enjoy the single partner convenience. Lalitha Ravi, CEO, OutSmart Services, says, “Every day we see businesses rise with a solid dream, but grapple with lack of expertise, time and resources. You need professional help to nurture your business; here, again, growing companies may not afford the quality services as large companies can and that is
where OutSmart Services saw the gap to leverage in.” She continues, “OutSmart is a multi-service outsourcing firm through which companies can experience the single partner convenience eliminating multiple vendor interactions and saving more time and effort. OutSmart supports companies in the areas of Marketing, HR, IT and Business Services. Whenever a company is looking for support in any of the above areas or a combination of them, we offer our services indulged in quality, scale up/ scale down flexibility and prompt delivery.”

"Acknowledging that both Strategy without Execution and Execution without Strategy are fragile, Outsmart Service has come up with STRATEGY + EXECUTION working model to ensure the best-in-class professional service delivery"

OutSmart has been conceived and developed by impeccable market insights and technology know-how. Acknowledging that both Strategy without Execution and Execution without Strategy are fragile, this innovative firm has come up with STRATEGY + EXECUTION working model to ensure the best-in-class professional service delivery. Speaking about their working and engagement model, Lalitha states, “Our core competency lies in understanding our clients’ requirements well. Through our signature, highly modular and collaborative, service model, customers can get what they want, in the way they want it.” She explains, “When prospects approach us with their requirements, we first evaluate them in terms of outsource- readiness, because not every business might need to adopt outsourcing. Further, analysing
their needs and business processes, we select an appropriate model of outsourcing for clients. In our Engagement Model, we always try to convey to our clients clearly what to and what not to expect from the engagement, so our combined goals can be realistic.” Productively reaping long-run benefits and characterised by continuous support and better collaboration for clients’ success, the industry experts at Out Smart have guided many companies and businesses in their transformation to automation, result-oriented analysis and better decision making. “We are proud to say that till date, OutSmart is a 100 perfect referred business! For us, this is a validation of the experience and expertise that we give our customers. Today, apart from India, we serve customers in the Middle East, Singapore, US, Australia and New Zealand. Very soon, our solutions will be delivered to our customers directly from our portal. We are also in the process of getting ISO certification and are working towards improving our data security standards,” shares Lalitha.

Holding entrepreneurial and innovative organizational culture among its employees, OutSmart works with many companies including BASF, PeopleWorks, Smart Commerce Solutions, Zenith Media and SIDBI for various verticals like Branding, Marketing, Technology, Customer Service & Insights, HR and Process Implementation functions. With a large vision of 102030 -10,000 projects by year 2030 - the firm wishes to continue to partner with businesses that share the company’s vision of outsourcing convenience and continue to provide delightful experience to their customers.