Paddle Point BPO Servces: Streamlining Business Operations to Help Increase Productivity

Chintan Anjaria, CEO &, Khyati Chintan Anjaria, Director
Khyati Chintan Anjaria, Director
Chintan Anjaria & CEO
As a company is set up, many choose to establish and manage their business processes within the organization, especially in the initial days. However, once a business expands and thrives, managers and business decision-makers are faced with the dilemma of how to grow the business and march-ahead in a productive and profitable manner. In today’s ever-changing business environment, organizations are continuously looking out for ways to cut costs while simultaneously keeping a focus on their core business operations. With the use of clutter-breaking technology that leads to more efficient and quicker solutions to the clients, today, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)has evolved to be the quickest emerging sector in the IT sector allowing businesses to create, manage, and optimize information and business operations with industrial and technical expertise. Envisioning the budding opportunity within the BPO sector, Chintan Anjaria along with his wife Khyati Chintan Anjaria established Paddle Point BPO Services Pvt Ltd-a Business Process Outsourcing firm recognized for offering life cycle of customer and customized Business Process Management Solutions from mid-size business owners to industry leading companies across key industries and verticals. Later on joined by Ishank Ghulati, the core team of Paddle Point consists of highly energetic, dynamic and aggressive skilled professionals who believe in 'Follow your Dreams and not Competitors’.

Incepted in 2010, Paddle Point is celebrated globally for its unique range of services like Customer Support Services, Technical Support Services, Telemarketing Services, Insurance Processing, Data Entry and Data Processing, Data Conversion Services, Bookkeeping and Accounting Services, Form Processing Services and Online Research. Driven by the values of innovation and sustainability at the core of its practice, today, Paddle Point has turned out to be a trusted BPO partner for over a dozen firms including the Healthcare segment of USA where across all the 50 states Paddle Point offers end to end processing in BRACES, CANCER, Diabetic, Pain Cream, Wheel-Chair, where in the firm also completes the entire cycle starting for Generation of Lead to Obtaining Documents script/ prescription, getting patient and doctor together and finally submitting the details to its clients. Renowned for walking the talk with its customers, Paddle Point addresses the stumbling blocks of its customer’s business by offering unparalleled solutions like Generation of Lead, Doctor Follow-up, Patient Follow up, Receipt of all relevant documents from Doctors which is submitted to the client, Quality Product Delivery, Meeting Targets/SLA's consistently and all these are offered at a comparatively negligible cost, says Ishank Ghulati, Paddle Point.

Enhancing Customer Experience with Value Services
Paddle Point is especially attractive to potential partners
because of the connections and relationships the firm ensures with people – from employees to partners and customers. Keeping up with the latest trends, Paddle Point possesses developed skill sets to provide best in class services instantaneously; thus ensuring that there are no gaps between the growing trends and consumer demands. “In an organization of over 200 employees, we all wear many hats, but we also cultivate a team of leaders that have expertise in their functions which helps us pave the way for growth and innovation. We have leaders from

Team Paddle Point
the BPO space and others who come from other industries; this cultivates an environment with a wealth of information that guides us as we move forward in a saturated, competitive space. Our agents undergo rigorous training and development that enables them to sell, up-sell and cross-sell. We are really excited about our potential to expand and offering benefits beyond what call center customers typically receive from vendors. With every decision we make at Paddle Point, we always consider how our actions will affect our customers. Our customers are confident that we can answer many of their questions in one phone call rather than waiting for us to respond with the information they need. This is the direction we are moving; one in which we learn everything there is to know. And we’re excited for what isin store – for us, for our employees, and for our customers,” says Khyati Chintan Anjaria, Director, Paddle Point.

" Keeping Up With The Latest Trends, Paddle Point Possesses Developed Skill Sets To Provide Best In Class Services Instantaneously; Thus Ensuring That There Are No Gaps Between The Growing Trends And Consumer Demands"

Paddle Point strongly believes and adheres to International Standard of Quality Assurance. The highly skilled and interactive agents are regularly given verbal communication training for accent, grammar and fluency in English. The firm implements and maintains ISO Standards, while we also ensure that all our middle level management is skilled and certified on Six Sigma standards and CMMI(Capability Maturity Model Integration). “At Paddle Point, we strongly follow and deliver on the lines of COPC(Customer Operations Performance Centre), while we are also constantly upgrading ourselves with better quality assurance procedures getting trained on customer satisfaction, transaction monitoring and people management. Today, many players in the industry work on Fixed Rate Model/Hourly Rate model, Transaction Based Pricing model, but we at Paddle Point are already working on Variable Model which means that we get paid only if we deliver to our clients’ satisfaction. This could be the model which other may have to follow in future,” says Chintan Anjaria, CEO, Paddle Point.

Shining out of the Ordinary
Today, while cost-cutting remains a valuable outcome from the early
generations of BPO; many executives believe that BPO can be a more sophisticated tool for driving innovation and business values. In fact, a recent survey by Horses for Sources and The Outsourcing Unit at The London School of Economics in 2011 demonstrated the gap that exists in achieving cost reduction and driving innovation. Clearly, respondents felt that about 46 percent of outsourcing initiatives were effective at reducing operational costs. Yet, only 11 percent of initiatives were seen by respondents as effective in providing new and creative methods of achieving business value.

“Today, the current generation of BPO service providers is addressing this gap, mining vast quantities of client data and using analytics to extract actionable insights. These combined together added value which includes everything, right from accelerated speed to market, and stronger customer loyalty, to savvier talent management, and top-line growth. Today, generation of leading BPO providers are combining deep industry expertise with descriptive, and most importantly, predictive analytics to help executives understand exactly what is happening in their businesses at the moment, and what possibilities the future holds. Strategies can then be developed off the back of this insight, and the BPO provider becomes an active partner driving a client’s success,” mentions Khyati Chintan Anjaria, Director, Paddle Point

With changing times and evolving technology, out of this value – creation model, a fifth generation of BPO is emerging steadily. It is the one that embraces not only analytics but Software-as-a-Service and mobile technology to provide a more flexible, on-demand BPO service, supplied across multiple clients through flexible software platforms. This generation of BPO is evolving and developing at the speed of the technology that supports it. Approving to this, Chintan Anjaria concludes by saying, “The next decade will be very crucial to observe how the robotics will transform the traditional roles of a call center agent and standard back office personnel. Today, large outsourcing companies have taken cognizance of growing potential of robotics in the industry which could disrupt the landscape of how this business is conducted by outsourcing companies. The outsourcing giants are now trying to make a certain component of robotics into each of the project to be well prepared for this trend. The BPO industry has to be prepared to go through the innovation cycle that will require more value addition, enhanced role of digital media and adoption of robotics in times to come. All these technological advancements, will require investments and development of right platform, and like any change the ones who execute it well will flourish, innovate and move up the margin curve of BPO industry,” says Haresh Thakkar, Paddle Point.

Paddle Point’s Exceptional Skills Lie In-
• Analytics
• Back Office Operations
• Collections
• Customer Support
• Hr Outsourcing
• Lead Generation
• Tech Support Services
• Telemarketing Services