ParsBEM Consultants: Assisting Startups towards Sustainable Growth

The past decade has seen an increase in the Financial Consultancy Companies in the market that are responsible for assisting startups towards development and growth. However, choosing the right option, still stands to be a ground of dilemma for the startups. Founded in April, 2018 and headquartered in Pune, ParsBEM Consultants Private Limited provides Startup Acceleration Assistance along with Business and Revenue Model Assessment, Strategic Planning, Market Research and Analysis, Derivation of Market Penetration and Capitalization Factor, Platform/Product Enhancement, Technology Architecture and Development Planning, Financial Assessment and Budgetary Control, Growth Hacking Mentorship Program. The Key Persons are Alhad Deshpande CEO)and Sanket Dharia(MD).

The company emphasizes and targets for Series A fund ing for the startups to enhance the growth stage, rather than targeting for shortterm fundraising goals. It assists the startups and directors to become investment ready towards a remarkable entry in the market. It has raised a composite sum of 190+Cr for its clients till present.

The USPs of the company is Business Sustainability Planning and Growth Orientation, Tailor made business plans for every venture, Customized RoI Strategy Planning and Mock Sessions, HNI/UHNI connects over four continents. The strategic models of product development and fund management helps the businesses towards a remarkable entry and achieving milestones ensuring sustainable growth.

The Startups Need to Focus More On Their Product Than Seeking Investors
Although the clients (startups) at ParsBEM encounter different pinpoints yet the majority of them are usually the ones that every financial consultant faces. The startup fever today, has cast an impression in the young entrepreneurs that a million dollar idea is good enough to raise funds from investors.

The smart investor today, analyzes all the major business aspects right from the business model to the company's transaction and traction value before investing. Where as, the startups are seldom confused
between prototype and minimum viable product. An investor looks forward towards investing in the company that has a MVP and if the business idea stands on proven grounds. The challenge is explaining the clients(startups) that financial consultants are not loan providers but concept developers that helps the clients towards sustainable options.

Majority of the startups thus end up before their venture due to the lack of understanding and whom to approach. Another challenge vertical for the clients(startups)is management of funds, poor business models, lack of clarity about dilution of shares, knowledge about shares, revenue streams and utilization of funds.

The strategies or the set of strategies devised at ParsBEM don't evolve from a generalized thumb rule, rather they are tailor-made as per the business requirements

Extensive Research & Survey for Framing Particular Strategy Modules
The strategies or the set of strategies devised at ParsBEM don't evolve from a generalized thumb rule, rather they are tailor made as per the business requirements. There are n' number of factors that are taken into consideration for framing a strategy for the entire business setup and its sustainable existence. These include the current market scenario, the industry response, customer responses, type of product, geographical coverage, and others. The company engages in thorough research and surveys to frame out the strategies, depending upon the businesses. Thus, a single strategy for all is not the ideal way to help every business.

Strategies are designed and provided, evaluating, researching and analysing about the key factors and parameters of the respective product/platform (startup), based on business peripherals.The range of strategic assistance and expertise are in Technology Development, Legal Consulting, Company Secretarial services & Chartered Accounting, Securities and Financial Assets Valuators,IPR, Marketing and Advertising, Media and PR, Tax Consulting, BPO/KPO, etc.

With 50+ clients (Startups and Mid Level Ventures) opting across service verticals like Business Acceleration and Fundraising Assistance, Platform/Product Enhancement Program, Financial Assistance, Business/Revenue Model Designing, Market Research, Industrial Analysis, Technology Architecture and Development Planning, Growth Hacking Mentorship Program and more, ParsBEM doesn't believe in advertising about themselves and has success fully managed to create trust among its clients and believe in promoting their name through word of mouth.