phAIdelta: Improving Business Performances by Providing Strong Process & Technology Consulting Services

Shalabh Kumar,FounderAccording to a study from Report linker, the global market for AI is projected to reach $341.4 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 32.8 percent. However, for the successful adoption of AI, it needs high-degree computation processing. Businesses need vast experience and expertise in these technologies. As organizations lack tech experts in their companies to design and implement optimum solutions, they look for a consulting service provider who can help them in their digital transformation journey and achieve better business outcomes.

A promising startup, Phaidelta is on a mission to help clients develop and improve their business by providing strong process and technology consulting services. The company has a team of highly experienced consultants with strong capabilities in process improvement techniques like Lean, TPM, Six Sigma, Data Analytics, and technologies like Visualization tools, AI/ML, and RPA platforms. As the team has an intimate understanding of best practices, they can help offer solutions that are a perfect fit for their clients. “Our objective is to develop innovative solutions with excellence and cutting-edge technology that provide the highest quality and most reliable services across all sectors”, states Shalabh Kumar, Founder of Phaidelta.

Phaidelta offers consulting services as well as tech solutions. The company utilizes lean
methodology and concepts to help customers achieve their objectives while saving costs and time. The company’s consulting services cover everything from standardization of foundational processes to objective based metrics recommendation and guidance on advanced technologies such as AI & RPA.

On the product side, the company offers Genesis. Built on open source platforms, Genesis provides complete flexibility to monitor and manage the metrics at the level of detail businesses need. It is also a highly configurable cloud-based system that can be scaled as per business operations and have the ability to summarize information to precisely point out where the exceptions are! Phaidelta is currently developing prototypes that heavily utilize computer vision and natural language processing/ understanding at its foundation.

phAIdelta is developing innovative solutions with excellence & cutting-edge technology that provide the highest-quality & most reliable services across all sectors

Phaidelta is known for its expertise in Artificial Intelligence. The company uses NLP, Machine Learning, and Deep Neural Nets to provide customized solutions that meet customers’ specific needs. 80 percent of the information required by the customer is available on a company’s website but their customers do not understand how and where to look for the data. Phaidelta helps organizations implement chatbots that work round the clock to assist customers. The company recommended that AI based chatbots use natural language processing to decode the customer’s requirements from plain text and can retrieve the response from structured/ unstructured data with extremely high efficiency. The company uses NLP to analyze customer reviews on products and why certain products are preferred over others. This help identifying key improvement areas in products, and what aspects of top-selling products customers like.

Phaidelta is continuously investing in R&D to stay ahead of its competition. This helps them stay true to their mission of using technology as an enabler to make this world a better place. The company is committed to excellence, customer success, and transparency in everything they do. The company understands that many organizations are still clueless about leveraging AI and machine learning to drive better business outcomes. That’s why Phaidelta always partners with their clients to help them maximize the benefits from their AI investments.