Pipal Tree Ventures: Value-Driven Construction Services

Santosh Parulekar,CEOCivil engineering is a vast and sophisticated subject with a multitude of essential aspects associated with it. The perfect amalgamation of industry experience and practical knowledge makes a good civil engineer. This is exactly what Pipal Tree banks upon. With over 13 years of experience, Pipal Tree is quickly turning out to be the go-to-name for any construction project.

The professional approach of this organization has played an integral part in the company's success over the years. Unlike other construction organizations, Pipal Tree is a professionally-driven organization. `I am a CEO so I don't run it as an owner, I run it as a professional organization not as a proprietor driven organization', says Santosh Parulekar, CEO, Pipal Tree Ventures Private Limited.

As a pioneer in the construction industry, Pipal Tree offers diverse range of services including electrical services, plumbing services, infrastructure plumbing, painting services, water proofing, false ceiling and HVAC services. A driving force behind Pipal Tree's consistent success is its team, which comprises highly experienced, well-trained engineers and supervisors.
A vast majority of human resources have more than ten years of industry experience coupled with regular on-job training. All the staff is provided in-depth training and most of them have been with Pipal Tree since the beginning of their careers. As a result, the team has built an amazing chemistry and a comprehensive understanding of the company culture. Furthermore, every new recruit is provided with adequate training before they work on any live project. To facilitate the same Pipal Tree runs its own training institutes across 10 states in India.

The expertise of well-trained manpower backed with stellar quality and affordable prices has helped Pipal Tree to work with some of the most esteemed names in the country such as TATA Housing, Godrej and Prestige. Pipal Tree has offered a variety of services ranging from painting to plumbing services to more than hundred clients. They are known to adopt state-of-the-art technologies to deliver stellar services. They use cutting-edge Berger machinery for painting to deliver their services with agility. Furthermore, to ensure top-notch quality and productivity, insight-driven daily productivity charts are used to measure employee performance and enhance productivity.

We have always been flexible and adaptable because we provide training to our employees, enhance their skills and adapt new trends fast.

The construction world has been one of the primary receptors of advanced technologies. Pipal Tree is also evolving and is open to embrace ultra-modern trends and technologies to keep pace with the ever-changing demands in the construction domain. `We have always been flexible and adaptable because we provide training to our employees, enhance their skills and adapt new trends fast', says Santosh.

Pipal Tree banked on the latest technologies to assist Prestige over-come water proofing challenges for one of their projects in Hyderabad. Impressed with the outcome, Prestige handed over their entire water proofing project to Pipal Tree. Pi-pal Tree now aims to raise working capital to grow business and employ more skilled resources in the upcoming months. As an organization engineered with futuristic approach, Pi-pal Tree is also looking to embark on the upcoming trends and advanced technologies. The company aims to execute projects worth more than Rs. 100 Crs in the next two years and Rs. 250 Crs in the next five years.