PolicyInn Insurance Brokers: Assist in Choosing the Right Insurance Policy

Jaswanth Singh, Senior Consultant  ,James, Vice President
Jaswanth Singh, Senior Consultant

No one knows what the future beholds. Life may seem to be sailing smoothly today but tomorrow may knock against a storm-toss. Under such unpredictability, the only thing we can do is take measures to prevent or deal with any unfortunate turn of events. In regards to securing selves in money related concerns, people reach out to insurance companies to buy policies best fitting to their requirement. But selecting the right policy and policy provider out of the myriads can be a bewildering task. In such cases many people opt for having recourse with expert consultants having deep-seated knowledge about the domain. Computing the future requisites of an individual, these insurance consultants help people select suitable plans/policies, preparing them to combat any odds-on or financial risks.

PolicyInn Insurance Brokers, an IRDAI approved insurance consultancy firm is assisting people carefully choose and purchase the most beneficial insurance policies. It has segregated its offerings into individual and group corporate business. Under each One of these it administers wide variety of insurance services ranging from general to specific categories such as life, health, motor, travel, accidents or critical illness, marine, SME package, group term life insurance, group gratuity, motor insurance and so forth. Other than these it also specialises in Risk Management Services and Risk Analysis, Policy GAP Review & Analysis, Insurance placements and monitoring, Claims Consulting and claims support services, Insurance Portfolio management, Employee Benefits insurance solutions, Insurance training and Seminars and others. "We enable our clients to choose the right policy analysing the risks with need based insurance solutions and better coverage. We provide expert advice and assisting in Life, Health, Motor, Travel and all other lines of Insurance business," avers Jaswanth Singh, Senior Consultant, PolicyInn Insurance Brokers.

PolicyInn Insurance Brokers is assisting people carefully choose and purchase the most beneficial insurance policies

To remain a step ahead in the market and simplify business practices, the company is endeavouring to put an end on all sort of paperwork and originated an online platform. All kinds of activities like filling up of forms, comparing and purchasing policies, managing and withdrawing maturity funds can be done online without the interference of agents or any additional fee. "We have been maintaining transparency and certainty within the ecosystem. We have made the process so simple and convenient for our clients that they can get insurance policy of their choice anytime, anywhere in just the push of a button!"he adds.
The team of PolicyInn Insurance Brokers have a combined experience of 50 years. Without any doubt, the kind of assistance this team provides to both the company and its client is of the highest quality.

James, Vice President

The success of the company demonstrates the sincerity and commitment of its team towards its purpose. In just two years the kind of impact and achievements it has procured is worth praising. It has mapped out significant network with the leading insurance companies of the country."The kind of advancement our company has witnessed since inception is all because of the qualified, experienced, dedicated and prolific team we have. We can proudly say that till date we have not heard any complaint or dissatisfaction from our clients,"says James Tom, Vice President, PolicyInn Insurance Brokers.

The company's future endeavours is to concentrate on developing insurance Portfolio Management for HNIs and Corporates, add more features to its digital Initiatives and expand its operations to other parts of the country. It ultimate aims at delivering the best possible plan by conducting detailed analyses and comparison of the various insurance products and prices offered by the leading insurance companies in India.