Prabhudas Lilladher: An SME's Financial Friend

Arun Sheth (Chairman), Dhiren Sheth (Vice Chairman), Amisha Vora,& Dilip Bhat, (Joint MDs)

In today’s complex dynamic business environment,small to medium enterprises (SMEs)require quality advisors in order to boost their performance, innovate for long-term sustainability and achieve success. But unfortunately, majority of corporate advisors concentrate only on PSUs/large businesses, leaving behind SMEs who make a key contribution to the Indian economy in terms of employment and growth. On the other hand, the high cost structure of these large organized advisory consultants prohibits medium and small businesses to engage with them. Working towards alleviating challenges faced by the SME sector is Prabhudas Lilladher(PL),a one-stop-shop for offering corporate advisory & consulting services to mid-sized companies who wish to raise funds. “We provide one-stop-solution for all equity/structured equity fund raiser requirements for companies, from VC funding to making an IPO,”says Amisha Vora, Joint Managing Director, Prabhudas Lilladher.

Powered by a team of dedicated experts and a nationwide distribution network of branches,franchisees and
associates, PL renders a comprehensive gamut of corporate advisory services including FCCBs, private equity, pre IPO placement, GDR, ADR, mezzanine options, strategic advisory and other structured products. Founded in 2007, the firm not only arranges funding from venture capital or PE funds in stages for unlisted mid-sized corporates but also leads them to make an IPO, giving an exit to the PE/VC investor and raises further funds. Through its endless efforts, clients receive required funds for their business sustainability and growth. Recently, PL helped Nysaa Retail in raising PE funds worth Rs.42.50 crore(by Carpedium Capital).

"We provide one-stop-solution for all equity/structured equity fund raiser requirements for companies, from VC funding to making an IPO"

PL delves deep to resolve current challenges faced by companies like getting relevant actionable, tailor-made and timely advice and even help them in executing these advises. The company not only partners with consumers to deliver well-researched corporate advisory services, professional advice, relevant to their business needs(expansion, divestment, acquisition and restructuring), but also customizes its entire services according to their desire. PL also specializes in field of structuring and has over seven decades of understanding in equity market along with national & international market knowledge. This expertise has aided the venture to raise over Rs.6000 crore for 35+ corporates globally till date.
Aligned with Updated Technologies
Keepingup with today's highly competitive business environment, PL has identified that organization’s vision and aptitude for ambitious growth can be benefitted from financial expertise. The firm works with numerous institutional investors/corporate houses that associate with SMEs to simplify their restructuring process, thereby helping them financially. The firm has a dedicated research team who continuously engages and educates clients on topics such as benefit of raising equity funds, reporting full profit and enhanced corporate governance standards.

A strong proponent of ethical practices, PL believes that corporate consulting is all about developing relationships and using skills & knowledge rather than deploying technologies. The venture deploys various databases(subscribed to by the Group)whereas shares full data only with limited people, thereby ensuring the safety of business data. The firm that specializes in raising funds for SMEs segment and never transmits important business information electronically.

Since inception, PL has won several prestigious clients across India like Nysaa Retail, Confidence Petroleum, and Rajshree Polypack among others. With a three-fold growth this year,the company is looking forward to boost corporate advisory services by engaging more people and reaching out more midsized enterprises.