Pragma Real Advisors: Enabling High-End Financial Services

Nikhil Mathur,Head Business Development

Nikhil Mathur

Head Business Development

The Government of India has taken various steps to thrive the reforms in the Financial Services market, including simplification of the Initial Public Offer (IPO) process which allows qualified foreign investors (QFIs) to access the Indian bond markets.

Leveraging its tie-ups with various banks, PE houses, insurance companies and non-traditional sources, MA provides efficient proprietary financial services to its clients

With these recent turnarounds in the financial sector, the scope for companies providing traditional & non-traditional wealth management solutions along with financial awareness services is enormous. However, the common people still perceive these services and its accessibility as a complex external affair, accounting to the scarcity of bona fide organizations to spread awareness among the customers and interconnect these high-end financial services. Catering exactly to this global crater with a digital plinth, Pragma
Real Advisors Pvt. Ltd. is a closely held company engaged in providing quality financial advices to its customers based on their diverse requirements in the domain.

Pragma leverages an unfair advantage of having experience in the banking & non-banking segments as well as the traditional & non-traditional wealth management services and products, thus acting as a one-shop-stop for financial services accessibility. The wealth management services of the company cover NBFC fixed deposits, Mutual Funds, Insurance (excluding health & life ) Mortgage, Real Estate, Structured Products. To be well rounded service provider, Pragma has strategic tie-ups for providing Interior Designing and Security Systems (for both office and home users) post acquisition of real estate by customers. The products proffered in this segment offers end-to-end assistance in financial management & structuring which include various calculation tools (SIP, EMI, Income Tax and much more).

By strenuously focusing on the quality of its service and due diligence, and being extremely selective in choosing its business partners (including some big global names under financial domain) before taking out customers to them, Pragma has entered the customer good-books in quick time. The company effectively takes care of all the running around to make financial services accessible for its customer ecosystem and also makes sure the confidentiality of the process information to proffer the customers with a large extend of repose.

A Strong Plinth
Even though Pragma was
established in 2012, its full-fledged operations begun only in 2013. Like any other startup, the organization had an uneasy pathway ahead with challenges ranging from procurement of licenses, to hiring of manpower and identifying the product suite. But the management team tackled these challenges within three years from the establishment by comprehensively leveraging their collective experience of 35 man years in the domain of financial services. Today, besides other cutting-edge wealth management services, this Faridabad-based organization seems to be one of the best partners for Real Estate requirements in India and Middle East. "We have strategic tie-ups with Nshama Dubai and Sotheby's to offer options in Dubai & UK," asserts Nikhil Mathur, Head Business Development, Pragma, who himself brings in an immense experience in sales management, insurance and private wealth setup.

The Bright Future
The small but strong team of nine hand-picked people that Pragma has built through in-house as well as external trainings is an asset to this entity today. Going forward, the company plans to add Life Insurance to its insurance offerings, while on the other hand global expansion plans are also on-the-go. For this course, Pragma is about to expand its team size fivefold by the end of 2017, which opens up the plethora of opportunities for freelancers as well. However, with high growth rates year-over-year, the management team is confident about Pragma's bright future big-time.