PraxDigital: Accelerating Growth &Transforming Businesses through Digital

Aryaman Tandon,Director& Global Leader- Digital & Analytics

Aryaman Tandon

Director& Global Leader- Digital & Analytics

Operating a business successfully is at times akin to taming a multi-headed giant. With varied business challenges such as revenue growth, customer experience delivery, cost management, governance, productivity enablement, customer loyalty, ground operations transformation, information availability and several others, managing an organization in today’s highly competitive world is no cakewalk. Helping clients remedy diverse business challenges, adopt digitization, get closer to customers and leverage technology to build competitive advantage is PraxDigital, a next-generation digital advisory and services unit of Praxis Global Alliance.

This New Delhi and Mumbai based firm drives operational improvements for client organizations through a culmination of business advisory, business research, design thinking, process solutioning, digital web/ mobile technology, analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning, bots, data engineering & big data, and automation. Founded in 2017, the firm has built an impressive clientele spanning across verticals such as Financial Services, Travel & Hospitality, Automotive, Retail & Consumer, and Internet & e-Commerce, and geographies such as U.S.A, UK, Middle East, South East Asia, China and India.

Technology as an Enabler
In today’s digital age, companies are trying to keep up with the technology curve and
as a consequence, both, the CIO’s as well as the business leaders’ jobs have become increasingly arduous. More than ever, today there is a need for high degree of cross-functional coordination to implement analytics and digital use cases. “CIO organizations and business users can collaborate more frequently and more meaningfully to create a fertile ground for adoption of Digital and Analytics,” explains Aryaman Tandon, Director, PraxDigital. To enable this, the company explicitly works towards helping organizations bridge the gap between business leaders and CIO or Analytics organizations.

With technological prowess in digital, analytics and big data, PraxDigital has designed various solutions that make use of these technologies to counter business challenges

PraxDigital creates bespoke analytics solutions for organizations and even enables them to set up their Analytics functions on a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) basis. Leveraging its deep industry expertise and business research capabilities the company has created highly sophisticated and actionable frameworks to accelerate implementations. Through its proprietary solution frameworks such as Customer 360, Compass, PRISM, DCX, Segmentation–PraxCSI, and unified e-commerce enablement, the company improves customer retention & customer experience, builds operating leverage and processes improvement, and business model innovation while lending better insights and view of customers & customer personas. Armed with expertise in digital, the company helps clients leverage this new technology through its solutions around reporting& governance,
frontline effectiveness, operational improvement, talent productivity and others.

Emphasis on Problem Solving
With technological prowess in digital, analytics and big data, PraxDigital has designed various solutions that make use of these technologies to counter business challenges. Through PRISM, the company uses analytics to improve pricing intelligence and drive strategic aspirations like gaining market share or maximizing profit through use of pricing as a tool. ADS utilizes data and analytics to predict and prevent undesired attrition. The firm also specializes in legacy transformation by building intuitive, efficient and unified data, analytics and digital applications layers.

Madhur Singhal,MD
PraxDigital works with clients to help them embrace change management and cultural changes required to realize the full value from technology led solutions. Keeping individual behaviours, design thinking and use cases front and center from the very beginning of an engagement, the company creates superior outcomes for clients.

The young organization is now working to codify its vertical IP and embedding it in the company’s POCs in order to reduce the time taken to create on-ground impact. The fledging firm is also refining its change management framework that supplements its technology and advanced analytics implementation. Having built an asset-light domain expertise network, PraxDigital is positioned for a robust growth in the near future.