Preachlex Global Solutions: For Excellence in Legal Consultation - Offshore & Onshore

Riyaz Ahmed,  Director & Partner,   Gulnaz Khanam, Founder & CEO

Riyaz Ahmed, Director & Partner

Name is created with dedication and trust. And some thing like legal consultancy is as important as blood for businesses all over the world. The inception of Preachlex Global Solutions took place in 2002 to meet the needs of the prose clients and law firms majorly in the USA, to provide resources they could trust for knowledgeable and efficient legal consultancy skills on demand. Having been functional for almost two decades now, the company continues to provide quality services to corporates, individual clients, litigation support to prose clients and paralegal services to solo attorneys and law firms based in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

“A cost-effective solution was needed to breach the gap of staffing for corporates and law firms, without the potential vast cost of in-house team member per year in India and offshore including USA, Australia, UK, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and other countries”, says Gulnaz Khanam, Attorney, Founder & CEO, Preachlex Global Solutions.

Preachlex has spread its wings in varied number of verticals in the legal consultancy domain such as legal research and writing, contract drafting and management services, document review services, paralegal services, intellectual
property services in the USA and India; and company formation and compliance onshore and offshore, real estate, website legal documents and advice, information technology and many more.

"Preachlex is at the forefront to solve the issues affecting its clients and are focused on providing innovative, value-driven solutions to enhance their businesses"

Gulnaz asserts,“Preachlex is at the fore front of resolving the issues affecting its clients and are focused on providing innovative, value-driven solutions to enhance their businesses. The Preachlex team is committed to creating tailored products that bring cross-disciplinary capabilities to clients in order to achieve emerging needs. Through Preachlex fully integrated platform, the company approaches its client relationships with a one team mentality. Preachlex acts as a cost-effective partner that knows your business, your industry, your strengths, and your challenges.”

Where the Expertise lies
There are always overflowing contracts in any organisation. Advise on critical clauses in contracts, proper management of the contracts and maintenance of databases requires expert and trusted hands and knowledge of devoted lawyers which is efficiently delivered by Preachlex.

Review of documentation happens to be one of the important processes in matters of e-Discovery. “Preachlex services facilitate in accelerating the document reviewing and managing costs by assisting in articulating the areas of greatest relevance to the case, and to review large amounts of data troves in a heedful and cost-effective way to
classify this targeted content”, states Gulnaz.

When it comes to paralegal services, Preachlex delivers services by lowering operation expenses, increasing efficiency and profitability without compromising quality. It is done by offering on demand legal and paralegal services according to client specifications. Gulnaz says, “Preachlex team comprises of skilful paralegals who will be checked by a quality control team of Attorneys through which clients are benefitted with superior quality paralegal support services.”

Gulnaz Khanam, Founder & CEO

On the matters of litigation support, Preachlex offers assistance to its clients in preparing documents such as legal briefs, answers, motions, responses, complaints, appeals among several others. “From plaintiffs and defendants to organizations and individuals, Preachlex is particularly well versed in assisting all types of clients in all types of litigations and trials”, states Gulnaz.

In line with these, Preachlex Global also provides services in the areas of intellectual property management, company formation and compliance, and also legal documents for websites in compliance with GDPR and other privacy laws.