PROGILENCE Capability Development: Offering a Holistic Professional Development through Customised Learning Interventions

S Manish Singh,Managing Director

S Manish Singh

Managing Director

With a record 210 million people out-of-work worldwide and employers reporting too few workers to hire with the right skills, the emphasis is on skill development rather than sole academic pursuits. Interestingly, while the learning and development (L&D) potential of the human mind is known to be limitless, only few are actually leveraging this fascinating phenomenon for building a better workforce and a society at large. Gurgaon-based PROGILENCE Capability Development, one of leading consulting companies on Skills Development with an ensemble of richly and diversely experienced professionals, is blending the unmatched power of skill based competences and related knowledge with human capability development to offer innovative and effective solutions for manpower development in organizations across corporate, social and education sectors. It now has a growing client base with names like PwC, AIMA, NASSCOM, Aditya Birla Group, British Council, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, and Data Security Council of India amongst several others, from industries like Electronics, Capital Goods and Beauty and Wellness Skills Councils..

“We bring deep insights into the process and the entire value chain of L&D and related capability development. This understanding helps us identify areas with high impact value and embedded complexities.
Our aim is to deliver high impact value to every stakeholder in their respective prioritised contexts, through our programs. We use our in-house developed, proprietary models, which help us to not only articulate the problem and the context far more accurately than others, but also deliver high value insight, focused interventions and related services,” asserts S Manish Singh, Managing Director, PROGILENCE Capability Development.

Our aim is to deliver high impact value to every stakeholder in their respective prioritised contexts, through our programs.

Crafting Finesse
Since its core focus lies on human capabilities development in contexts of workforce development, holistic skills development, competency-based education in schools, vocational and work contexts, community & higher education systems, the team invests in developing core competency models that embed understanding of complex systems and actual contexts to achieve particular outcomes. These models provide necessary decision support, leading to focused and precise L&D strategies, interventions and programs in line with specific industry and other required developmental performance benchmarks, relevant to the context. Highly committed to delivering results, they offer services in the categories of consultancy, development services, research & studies, and training delivery (covering bench marking and need assessment studies, quality assurance of L&D interventions, competency-based curriculum development, assessments & qualifications development,
educational and training content development, soft skills training and more). Its proprietary PROGILENCE Model that underpins much of its work, further fine tunes the professional learning scope. This framework is a holistic capability development model that guides the users to evaluate or develop strategies, practices and interventions around nine vectors of human capability (competence, productivity, vigilance and many more).

Quite often, PROGILENCE is sought by clients crossing swords with the haphazard planning and procurement of training services, ineffective or poorly formalised and inarticulate policies, poor implementation, and others that derail employees, trainees and organisations from the path of engagement, benchmarked performance and competitive relevance.

Manish further adds, “Numerous consultants showcase and push very standard models, practices and rhetoricthat haven’t delivered any results in the past, which actually allows us to highlight our uniqueness of possessing an established working capability to deliver research intensive, bespoke, goal-oriented services with a high achievement rate”. Having demonstrated its uniqueness, PROGILENCE is currently growing its revenue at 90 percent rate annually and envisions hitting 150 percent next year. The company is also focused on augmenting its functionality in terms of capabilities and impact. “We are looking at expanding our capabilities and expertise within the vocational & community development space, consulting services and our geographical footprint at the same time, delivering greater impact in high value and critical contexts,” concludes Manish.