Facilities And Building Solutions (FABS): Your True Business Partner in Delivering Integrated, End-to-End PMC Service

P.S. Somasunder,Managing Director

P.S.Somasunder, Managing Director

The construction projects in India are witnessing a tremendous growth not just in size, but in complexity and incorporation of newer materials and concepts. Yet the current Project Management Consulting (PMC) industry in India lacks standardization of services and quality levels, while being posed with high competitiveness and cost pressure. Along with the presence of a wide variety of scope across the PMC realm, the new players witness low barriers for entry, thereby creating stiff competition for the well-established players. Therefore, there is a dearth of high-quality PMC service providers in India who can handle critical & landmark projects and there are few service providers who can deliver integrated, end-to-end project management services.

Facilities And Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (FABS) is one such rare gem and a pioneer in crafting integrated and end-to-end PMC services with high quality, and bagging consistent outcomes since 2005. Be it resolving the present challenges or anticipating the future issues and risks, FABS stands at the forefront with proactive project management practices, and not restricting itself to only reporting the imminent issues or risks. The firm analyzes probable risks in every project, categorizes them based on their gravity, informs the clients on the same and accordingly crafts solutions that can manage these risks in time.

"FABS shines as a partner of preference and true business partner for many reputed customers, while seamlessly expanding its customer base"

Proactive in Each Project Phase
Not only does the top management review potential risks every month, FABS project teams stay abreast of the problems that might transpire in the upcoming months along with the formulation of accurate remedial measures. For instance, during one of the client’s projects, the firm carried out a thorough analysis and strictly advised them to elevate the complete level of the project by around 4.5 meters beside explaining them on the costs and benefits. Essentially, FABS’ project stood tall with no devastation while the entire surroundings of the project were flooded due to an unexpected one in 50 years rain event within just five months of the project being completed. One can only imagine the devastation and production loss if the flood water, mud, and muck would have got onto the factory floor. There are ample examples of such proactive thinking and solutions which FABS's clients have come to appreciate. The company also takes utmost care during project delays by identifying the requisitetechnology/method that can speed-up the process, and taking the clients into confidence on the overall advantages along with the impact of additional costs & time. Further, all the essential changes required to cope-up with the project delays are implemented with timely delivery, safety, and good quality.

A True Business Partner
FABS shines as a partner of preference and true business partner for many reputed customers, while seamlessly expanding its customer base. The company pledges to provide excellent services with value for money across all project stages right from design and procurement, master scheduling & budgeting, to site management, commissioning and handover. Speaking on the company’s way of work, P.S.Somasunder, Managing Director, FABS, articulates, “Right
from the moment we undertake our client’s job, we put ourselves in their shoes and imbibe their essential values”. He adds, “We also ascertain their areas of concern at the earliest, provide a roadmap to address them and demonstrate action on the ground to give them the comfort that they are dealing with the right professionals of the right integrity and services of high-quality standards”.

For its MNC customers setting-up industrial projects, FABS undertakes the total Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) management role, including a selection of vendors as per their global audit standards. For the other market sectors that FABS operates in, it provides PMC services based on the scope choice of its customers. The flagship service offerings of FABS are Project and Construction Management (PMCM) and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM).

"We are extremely proud that we have been able to work on projects across India with several renowned and globally reputed giants"

Birth of FABS
Kickstarting his career as a Management Trainee in 1982 at L&T, Somasunder soon became the Regional Project Manager at L&T in 1996 for Karnataka region. He later worked for a year at Doha-Qatar and then joined Bovis Lend Lease in 1999. While he was heading the Indian operations at Bovis Lend Lease, the company moved out of India due to certain strategic reasons. He then established FABS by in February 2005, and has not looked back since. During its journey of 14 years till date, FABS has successfully seen through two recessions in the industry, the significant changes in business environments created by Demonetization, RERA, and others successfully. The company today stands poised for further growth and expansion in the years ahead.

FABS’ Strengths & Key

FABS has a powerful core team with accumulated experience of various geographies, sectors, and types of projects. Its members are directly involved as project directors or overseers in all projects, thereby assuring knowledge transfer to the ground teams and ensuring uniform work culture and ethics.

The integration of all works or trades such as civil & structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, water treatment, effluent treatment, and others, besides adopting what the company calls ‘inside-out’ design approach, enables the firm to comprehend its customers’ critical needs and accordingly devise integrated services. Process integration at FABS further ensures that the project infrastructure is fully integrated with the customers’ final requirements of their facilities, be it production, IT/ITeS services or others. “Process integration and 'inside-out' design being our focus areas, we understand them clearly and work for the clients not as their external service providers, but true business partners/stakeholders,” remarks Somasunder.

Proven management systems and tools based on a person-independent process, committed and motivated teams & constant tracking and maintenance of time-cost-quality-safety spectrum gives FABS the edge in the market.

Understanding Clients’ Visions
Understanding clients’ business drivers, visiting their existing facilities and extensive interactions with their plant teams or similar businesses are vital for the firm to stay completely in tune with the customer requirements. Coupled with these aspects, the local & international exposure of the team members helps FABS in bringing the best practices to suit the local conditions of the clients’ projects. Clearly, the company holds the capability to transform the visions/aspirations of its clients into real facilities meeting all code
& industry requirements. Also, it ensures efficient management of their clients’ challenges, ranging from project integration to time control, construction quality, difficulties in adoption of safety standards at site and a lot more.

FABS’ Milestones
Recounting FABS’ client base, Somasunder narrates, “We are extremely proud that we have been able to work on projects across India with several renowned and globally reputed giants, like Bosch, Daimler, Toyota Kirloskar, Volvo, ITC, SAP LABS, Google, and many more, as well as Indian large corporates like Godrej, Puravankara, and others. It is a matter of great satisfaction that much of our work is from multiple repeat orders from such clients and it is a humbling experience to be trusted by such stalwarts in the industry. It only makes our resolve even stronger to live up to their expectations and strive to exceed wherever possible”. Adapting itself to the SQPC approach prioritizing Safety first followed by Quality, Progress & Cost, FABS has successfully executed 100+ landmark projects under EPCM/ PMCM service models across India. On an average, the firm has been clocking around 45 million safe hours each year.

Somasunder also highlights that, “The company has received several certificates and recognitions from its clients across industry sectors, which we value very highly. Clients who have bestowed these certificates/recognitions of appreciation include Volvo, Puravankara, Godrej, Toyotetsu, BMW, Amazon, and others. These motivate us remain on a path of continuous improvement”.

In the past 14 years, FABS’ revenue growth has ranged between 15-25 percent FABS is now gearing-up for a paradigm shift in its growth plan by adding a Turnkey Design And Build service offering for the industrial sector and plans to roll-out a comprehensive training and development upgrade for its team. Going by past track record, FABS looks like it will make a successful transition to the next level of growth and achievements.

Key Management:
P.S.Somasunder, Managing Director
Somasunder is an active advisor of Project Management Institute (PMI) and Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), as well as a guest lecturer at many colleges. He currently plays an instrumental role at FABS in managing all its PMC operations by employing his 35+ years of experience in the construction realm.

Quick Facts:
Year of Establishment: 2005
Offices: Bangalore (Head Office) & Pune (Design & Regional Office)
•Project Management
•Construction Management
•Turnkey Design & Build

Industries: Automobile, Foods & Beverages, High Hygiene Products such as Baby Foods, Chemicals, Aseptic Paper & Laminates manufacturing, Commercial Buildings/Software Development Complexes, Residential Buildings, Schools, Educational Institutions, and many other sectors

Few Achievements:
•Certificates of Appreciation by Godrej Palm Grove (Chennai), Brigade (Bangalore) for the completion of Brigade Metropolis, and Toyota (Bangalore) for ETIOS Project Work with best Safe Practices, among others
•Appreciation & Completion Certificate for Project Hangar 103 by BOSCH (Jaipur), ITC Project Trident at Haridwar, Project Uno by MTR foods, Greenfield Manufacturing Facility at Jhagadia by Abbott Healthcare, Vrindavan Tech Village Phase I by VTV (Bangalore), and many more
•Appreciation for safe & successful. Commissioning of Phase II & III of BMW India’s Project and Contribution in HYDB Project by Amazon, Toyotetsu and more
•Global Safety Award by Volvo