Dynergic International Integrated PMC: A New Generation Project Management Consultancy

Manoj Kumar Singh,FounderThe Indian economy is going through a perpetual transformation ever since the industrial sector began to gain momentum in the country. This has uncorked profound and opportune business environment that has braced hundreds of business persons to prosper in their preferred domains. Business activities are growing at an accelerated pace which in turn is increasing the quota of projects. Though this growth has facilitated businesses to make significant headways but also has intensified the task of efficiently managing these projects on time. In fact the overall success of an organization depends on how competently it administers and settles each of its endeavours. To make sure that the progression does not encounter a cessation, firms secure the service of the Project Management Consultants whose versatilities enable a thorough execution of projects. In fact, the speedy industrial developments have augmented the notability of the PMCs in the ecosystem.

Manoj Kumar Singh, the founding father of Dynergic International Integrated PMC- DIIPMC possesses deep insights about the epoch-making benefits of a good project management practices. His distinct expertise has enabled him to unearth the incongruity that existed in various sectors, the energy & infrastructure sector in particular. This dissonance enkindled him to sow the seeds of a new generation integrated Project Management Consultancy firm DIIPMC that puts forward wide range of services including Consultancy Services and Professional Training Programs in the field of Program & Project Management, Construction Services, Construction Claims, Project Controls and Project Risk Management. "The business industry in Indian has endured a lot due to the time and cost overruns. It has always been the disturbing factors that interrupted the smooth enactment of the projects undertaken by any enterprise. It has specifically exerted great influence on the EPC (Engineering Procurement, Construction) Projects. The imbalance and lack of proper professional management has made it difficult for companies to cope up with their commitments and expectations. This situation stirred the innovator within me to establish DIIPMC," narrates Manoj Kumar Singh, Founder, DIIPMC.

Area of Expertise
As a Project Management Consultant firm, DIIPMC delivers notable array of services listed as Program & Project Management, Construction Services, Construction Claims, Project Controls, and Project Risk Managements. Under each of these categories, it intends to aspire and empower its clients to dexterously govern priorities and activities in order to complete projects on the decided time, safely and within the agreed price. "At DIIPMC we mould responsive, high quality multi-disciplinary services which we confer to Contractors and Sub contractors, Government agencies, Architects, Engineers and other companies. We provide them, through support through the existence of a project. In essence, these provisions help them to successfully complete the construction, infrastructure, energy and every other project."

DIIPMC is a indeed the perfect project management companion that serves several sectors including Power, Steel & Mining, Smart Township, Airport Construction, Refineries, and others.

Its other areas of expertise are Training and Corporate support. Through which the company aspires to assist organizations with Functional, Annual Maintenance Contract & Special Purpose Support. It has walked an extra mile to fulfil its objective of transforming human capital into asset of the organization; the company has arranged a Non-Profit Initiative program especially for CEG-Core Engineering Graduate and Management Trainee / Management Graduates Dynergic International. Under this it organizes a Fast track 40 Hours Value added Industry Specific Training session in which it rolls out practical knowledge & skills to young engineers, guiding them to be industry ready. In the main, the company has set hands on serving the entire System Support Services such as Project Management & Project Controls Software installation, hosting, training, implementation and troubleshooting and so forth. "Apart from all the other services, our proficient team dedicatedly conducts various training programs and seminars to enrich the skills and knowledge of the employees and bolster them handle any complex project. We hold the opinion that Slow Development of Work force Leads to Slow Progress of the Organization, so we endeavour to provide quick and effective training seminars to boost up their performances," he states.
The company is bestowing its services to every Construction and Engineering sectors in Energy & Infrastructure across the nation and to countries across the seas such as Middle East and South East Asia. In past years, DIIPMC has served some of the big names in India & Middle East such as Reliance Industries, Essar, Adani, PMI Vadodara, Galfar, GPS, Mott MacDonald, ADNOC, Petrofac and other top companies.

Confronting the Uphill Battle
DIIPMC found itself trapped in a number of challenges in its nascent stage. Design, constructability, long lead material and lack of skilled manpower were some of the issues it had to cope up with. These had adversely affected the productivity and growth of the company. Yet being a project management firm it was not difficult for DIIPMC to devise a well-founded line of actions to overcome these obstacles. Observing an organised approached contrived by experience consultants and rectifying the flaws within its system, the company flourished exorbitantly, creating a trustful image in the market and procuring valuable projects from various fields. Throwing light on this he says, "The initial time was tough for us. Many people were not aware of the importance of having PCM guidance for the development of the business. So getting into the core and propagating about the importance of the subject and establishing trust amongst the clients did call for a lot of effort. Fixing internal requirements and external essentials were in true sense an onerous task. Eventually, we were able set our foot firmly and the potential and positive cash flows or earnings for PMC helped the establishment of DIIPMC to a great extent."

Diipmc is a indeed the perfect project management companion that serves several sectors including power, steel & mining, smart township, airport construction, refineries, and others

The prolific and extremely talented team of DIIPMC is be given the credit for the massive success it has distinguished. It has industry oracles and enthusiastic youths in its team. Their ceaseless performance, well-researched and proven method of working has assisted the firm to reach this position today. In brief, it is the single-minded focus and vision of the team that has always enabled it to accomplish every objective.

The Growth Story
Embedded in the Manchester of the East, Ahmedabad, the company has been able to make certain stroke of geniuses in terms of creations, revenue, and clients. From structuring high quality multi-disciplinary services to securing a 15 to 20 percent year-over-year growth, DIIPMC has seen it all in just a span of one year. Not only has on boarded clients from all over the nation but has triumphantly enticed prospective clients from Middle East UAE and Oman also. "It feels great that our efforts and dedication did not go in vain. At the present time, we are at the good position, witnessing positive cash flows or earnings. We have become an integral part of some major companies across the world, supporting them with the top-notch and up-to-date services," he avers.

The Future Ahead
The company has set a deep-rooted plan for itself where it envisions of becoming the leading light of the industry. It has already directed its way of mustering in fresh innovative talents to constructing more effective, affordable and time bound solutions. It also plans to leverage its project model and develop application-based software that can be easily accessible by anyone, anywhere and at anytime. "Further on we intend to develop our complete project models which can be universally used across all sectors as base project management / risk management model so as to reduce the time of delivery from our end. We are looking forward to increase at significantly faster rates than the overall economy," he positively concludes.

"Diipmc has set a deep-rooted plan for itself where it envisions of becoming the leading light of the industry"

Manoj Kumar Singh, Founder
Manoj Kumar Singh is one of the cognoscenti who have been administering numerous prestigious projects in the country and abroad for the last two decades. He has so far affiliated himself in successfully executing Project Management & Control for Oil & Gas, Process, Petrochemical, Upstream / Downstream, Pipeline, Power plant and related systems. With a radical experience of over 20 years, he has set the cornerstone of one of the leading Project Management Consultancy firm- DIIPMC through which he is shaping his objective of mitigating the gap between organizations and Project Management Practices.

• Program and Project Management
The company's services makes projects more efficient, controlling timeline, cost, and work scope without compromising quality

• Construction Services
Provides comprehensive construction management consulting services that are real-world, cost-effective and helps organizations tackle the basic day-to-day challenges.

• Construction Claims
DIIPMC prepares and analyzes claims and disputes for construction and engineering projects throughout the world

• Project Controls
The company specializes in managing total project development for construction projects, with three primary goals: time, cost, and quality controls

• Project Risk Management
It makes and implements decisions that will minimize the adverse effects of accidental business losses on an organization

• Corporate Training
Conducts numerous training programs and seminars that gave clients the knowledge they needed to more effectively execute complex projects

• Core Engineering Graduate Training
Dynergic International has come up with Non Profit Initiative program for Graduate Engineer

• Corporate Support
Provides all level of functional support starting from the requirement documentation, through the closure of the project, and provides the Standard Operating Procedure for the entire work