Meinhardt EPCM India: Transforming Cities For A Sustainable Future

Vinesh Natali,Global Head and Director

Vinesh Natali

Global Head and Director

Established in the year 2016, Meinhardt EPCM India is one perfect paradigm in the construction and building industry. The company's long-suite is to put forward top-notch solutions to succour enterprises deal with issues concerning the EPCM (Engineering Procurement and Construction Management) realm. Meinhardt EPCM India is part of the Meinhardt Group with its heritage of over 60 years from Australia and Head-quartered out of Singapore. Meinhardt is one of the most reputed Engineering and Project Management Consultancy companies in the world operating in more than 37 countries with a foot print of 51 offices and employee count of more than 4500. Meinhardt EPCM offers services across varied sectors including Oil and Gas, Mining, Industrial Manufacturing, Mission Critical Facilities, Built environment and Infrastructure (Airports, Metro, Ports, Water, Roads and Highways).

Meinhardt EPCM India holds expertise in end-to-end delivery as a one-stop shop focusing on the key categories i.e. engineering, procurement and construction management. Under these, it offers an array of exclusive services ranging from Feasibility studies, Concept designs, Design, Value management, Procurement management including supplier chain management, Cost and contracts management, Construction Management, Asset Management and Advisory.

Keeping in mind the corporate targets and aspirations of its clients and the needs of the construction industry the Meinhardt EPCM sketches out elementary yet entailing solutions in Sustainability, Renewable
energies and modern methods of construction for faster construction. "We hedge our international experience in designing, managing project & programs and construction related challenges. Through this endeavour of ours we draw the bead on unlatching opportunities to provide our clients the innovative and practical solutions to deliver their aspirations and objectives whilst protecting our environment and improving the lives of mankind," says Vinesh Natali, Global Head and Director, Meinhardt EPCM India.

The company serves multiple sectors globally and its main focus is to balance up the requisites of its clients coming from distinct sectorial backgrounds with specific requirements. "With a customer centric focus, we aspire to confer our clients with innovative, timely and well-founded deliverables. To keep this objective alive, we are constantly contemplating the ideas of bolstering up our services and performances. For which we are leaning over backward to single out the best talents from India and Singapore. In actual fact, it is this amalgamation of two different cultures and distinct mindset that helped us stand a step ahead of the demands," he avers.

Meinhardt EPCM India offers professional services in Engineering and Project Management Consultancy in diverse market sectors.

The Growth
Beyond a shadow of doubt, it can be expounded that the company has in all aspects cornered the construction and building market. Starting off with a team of just six members, it has at the current date has become a power house. Meinhardt EPCM India has experienced an impressive growth in terms of workforce strength which has swelled up to a staff of 150 people. With each year passing by, the company strategically increased its operations across India, launching offices in all the major cities across the country.

In a span of four years, it has completed a horde of projects within the country and internationally. To date, Meinhardt EPCM India has instituted offices in different corners of the world counting India, Singapore, Malta, In-donesia, UAE, Malaysia and others.

The Future
Headquartered in Bangalore, the company is looking forward to strengthen its presence and service offering through its presence in six main cities of India; Ahmedabad, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Surat and Pune. It is also looking to exponentially grow to on-board approximately 1000 to 1500 people with capability to service the infrastructure and urban development sectors. "We opt to make the smallest and the greatest contribution toward transforming cities and shaping the future. Our motive is to drive the mass towards shrewd development and transition towards the core standard of living," he concludes on a positive note.