Prometis CyberSecurity: Seamless Security Services from Experienced & Exalted Experts

Sridhar Khambhampati, CEO,Vivek Challaa, COO

Sridhar Khambhampati, CEO

Vivek Challaa, COO

The rise in cyber security breaches & ransomware attacks are at all time high causing damage to the tune of $600 billion worldwide. Thanks to the easy & free availability of sophisticated technologies through open source & git, these malicious black hats are able to steal & misuse personal and professional data apart from money through ransoms & illegitimate transactions. Across industries, organizations are engaged in cyber warfare against numerous unexpected adversaries ranging from organized crime rings to nation states, terrorist groups, online vigilantes & hacktivists. With over 400 million people susceptible of cyber attacks, even the national securities of nations are at risk which can lead to consequences more dangerous than terrorism.

Established in August 2019, Prometis CyberSecurity is a specialized IT Cybersecurity company serving a broad spectrum of industries including steel, oil, energy, construction, fertilizer, paper, cement, sugar, automobile, BFSI & FMCG. Built to help clients solve the complex challenges prevalent in today’s digital, connected & regulated business world, Prometis delivers seamless & tailored business driven security products like Digital War Game Simulator – a disaster management simulation software, and Data Governance Platform – a data compliance, data forensics & fraud detection platform, along with services like Digital
Transformation, Security Assessment, IDAM, Data Privacy & Security, and IT GRC Management.

Phenomenal & Sturdy Products & Services
Prometis’ offerings are characterized by an unrivalled visibility for customers through unparalleled people, process & technology. Its cybersecurity solutions serve as a unified tool providing thoroughgoing services that transform digital risk into reward by creating a disruptive technology compliant to contemporary needs. Likewise, its interactive software products have revolutionized the way organizations prepare themselves for crisis by enhancing their crisis management capacities in unprecedented ways. Consequently, when its competitors are incapable of preventing security breaches despite the availability of robust platforms, it is able to help firms face potential crisis & deal with them in real time, thus preparing them for the actual ambush.

Prometis’ offerings are characterized by an unrivalled visibility for customers through unparalleled people, process & technology

The strength & prowess of Prometis is preserved by its immensely experienced team of professionals with expertise in information risk & cyber security. Under the leadership of Sridhar Khambhampati (CEO, Prometis CyberSecurity), a Certified Ethical Hacker & OKTA Professional with over 22 years of experience in Risk & Cybersecurity, custom-built security & technological frameworks and related domains, these pioneers avant-garde security innovations, execute enterprise security programs & strategies to achieve risk reduction, ergo enabling continued corporate success. Always at vanguards, this team has vanquished diverse challenges including network assessment for a leading manufacturing company that suffered as a consequence of poor HA/DR process. Their design plan comprising of isolation of enterprise under development, repeated fail over testing & CAPEX revision, exposed the key vulnerabilities in the IT assets & policies, and assisted it in changing network design & procuring right resources to support environment.

Growing significantly, the company is certain of widespread opportunities for business in a strategic market like India. “India is a highly strategic market with lots of business opportunities that will not only help to sustain our business but also lead to revenue generation. This momentous market has helped us generate a sum of Rs.20 lakh within just three months of our operation,” concludes Sridhar.