Property First: Orchestrating Dreams in the Symphony of Real Estate

Bhavesh Kothari,  Founder & CEO

Bhavesh Kothari

Founder & CEO

In a burgeoning landscape where the real estate market in India is experiencing a significant surge, the demand for proficient developers is on the rise. With options available, individuals seek comprehensive consulting services consolidated into a single platform, rather than navigating through various channels. Amidst this dynamic environment, Property First emerges as a stalwart in real estate consulting, specializing in the marketing of projects by tier-I builders.

The firm's modus operandi revolves around providing clients with meticulously curated property options, ensuring freedom from encumbrances, and promising appreciation potential. By prioritizing client satisfaction and delivering value-driven solutions, Property First endeavors to redefine the real estate consulting paradigm.

"Property First was established in 2017, but I have been in the real estate industry for 12 years. My aspiration for luxury real estate sales has been longstanding, stemming from recognition of the lack of professionalism within the sector. Thus, Property First was founded with a strong emphasis on professionalism and expertise. Throughout our journey, we have been fortunate to forge partnerships with leading developers, achieving significant placements in luxury sales for esteemed developers", remarks Bhavesh Kothari, Founder & CEO.

Selective Property Selection

Property First is a leading firm specializing in
luxury real estate and residential projects, along with offerings in pre-launch, under construction, ready-to-move-in, and commercial properties. Utilizing its extensive experience and industry connections, the firm secures optimal deals and inventory for clients across various locations. With offices in Bangalore (Corporate Office), Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Dubai, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Delhi NCR, and is set for aggressive expansion. The firm's commitment to professionalism and ethics has earned recognition from top developers such as Total Environment, Prestige Group, and many others, driving its exponential growth year after year.

Moreover, Property First, commitment lies in ensuring that clients discover the ideal property, equipped with comprehensive insights, and offered at the right price point. The firm adopts a selective approach to property selection,handpicking projects rather than indiscriminately listing every available option in the market. The process begins at the inception of a project, where the firm closely monitors its development, understands the developer's vision, and identifies its USP.

"From a myriad of options, we curate a list of the top five projects, focusing on specific units and floor plans with high selling potential. As real estate enthusiasts at heart, we approach each client's investment with the same dedication and care as if it were our own. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to regular engagement through sales lounges, meetings, discussions, webinars, and seminars, ensuring our clients remain informed and updated about market developments", explains Bhavesh.

Nevertheless, Property First deals in the primary market and collaborates directly with developers to ensure clients access the latest inventory and insights. Developers often enlist Property First to sell bulk inventory, typically ranging from one to five units per project. Leveraging adept negotiation skills, the team secures optimal prices for developers and investors. Property First primarily engages with tier-I builders while acknowledging other reputable firms. Hence, the professional approach and industry track record foster trust among clients and developers, underscoring its commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction.

"Property First has witnessed substantial growth, starting from Rs.200 crores and surpassing the Rs.2000 crores mark. The company aims to expand its presence in various markets where it currently lacks geographical presence whereas Dubai holds particular importance as a target market for property sales. Property First's vision extends to encompassing real estate sales from Ayodhya to Delhi to Dubai. Technological integration is a key aspect of our strategy, aiming to streamline operations and facilitate growth", concludes Bhavesh.