Prudent: Providing Tailor-Made Solutions To Leverage The Project Management Skillsets To Plunge Into A Dignified Workplace

Brijesh Nair,FounderAn increase in the demand for accelerated product development, the drastic growth of the IoT sec-tor, and an upsurge in the need to improve team-work collectively drive the growth of the global enterprises' Agile transformation services market. The Agile method predominantly focuses on embedding comprehensive knowledge, which is essential to bring a plethora of benefits to the business by way of delivering value sooner using the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Concept and following the Incremental/Iterative Delivery approach.

This further enables projects to be completed faster and at a lower cost, with the optimal amount of customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Although Agile has a strong association with software development, it can benefit large or complex projects or product development in any industry. A Bengalurubased company named, Prudent Consultants (Trademarked as Prudent)provides cumulative high-density intelligence on the same discipline to create a conducive environment in the respective workplace.

Prudent Consultants, an ATP (Authorized Training Partner) of The Project Management Institute, US is a professional training and consulting firm that specializes in delivering Agile Program Management and Agile Project Management training programs. Prudent functions with the vision of being a world leader in the integration of teaching and learning and catering to `Best-In-Class' Professional services. The profusion of Certification courses offered by the firm consists of Project Management
Professionals, Program Management Professionals, Agile Certified Practitioners, Portfolio Management Professionals, and technical courses like Electrical Vehicle and Charging Stations. The paramount services of the firm are corporate training, application writing support, self-learning courses, and exam simulation tools. Prudent's superior course quality has tran scended geographical boundaries and served in international markets such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and Middle Eastern countries.

Prudent provides a scientifically structured and industryrelevant set of courses under the nose of industry experts in the respective domain. Speaking more on this company, Founder Brijesh Nair says, "We propound customized and tailor-made solutions for our diversified clients. We strongly believe in the fact that one size doesn't fit all. Therefore, we alter our offers in line with customers' requirements and deliver them incrementally without hampering the quality of the content or course. The customization strategy adds immense value to their profile and gradually helps them in achieving their professional goals and success in an Agile way".

The Distinct Coaching Methodology
Prudent, unlike any other training institute in the market, analyses the candidate's potential to indulge in specific tasks, fol-lowed by designing an exclusive framework that holds good with the candidate's area of interest. Eventually, we design tailor-made programs to enhance the skillset and mount them in line with ongoing evolution in the respective domain. The coaching pedagogy includes the `LRPA' Model that principally focuses on Learn, Reinforce, Practice, and Apply in an Agile way by delivering the coaching sessions in sprints, conducting sprint planning meetings, and conducting sprint retrospective meetings. The inclusive coaching of this firm is exclusively based on irrefutable examples and pertinent case studies unleashing various situational conditions of real life.

Leveraging the skillset of an individual with scientifically structured programs

The journey of the company has been an amalgamation of learning and experimenting with new ideas. The growth rate of the company indicates a steady escalation from the inception of the firm. The customercentric service and the dissemination of quality content have earned the credibility of the company in the overseas market. With this success quotient, Prudent is looking forward to expanding its branch offices in the US and UAE with the same commitment to providing best-in-class service. Ultimately, Prudent Consultants is aiming to provide comprehensive guidance that enhances the skillsets of individuals to raise their stature in the corporate world.