Prutech Solutions: Curating Tech-Driven Digital Solutions for the Businesses of Tomorrow

Ambika Prasad Mohapatra,Executive Vice President

Ambika Prasad Mohapatra

Executive Vice President

Digital transformation has emerged as a top priority for businesses because it can help businesses in all sectors raise productivity, cut expenses, and boost customer happiness. IoT use is increasing and AI is becoming more powerful in India, which is driving the market for digital transformation to develop quickly. Established in 1998 with the aim of offering cutting-edge solutions to assist businesses and organizations in their digital transformation journey, Prutech Solutions is a renowned technology firm. The organization places an increased emphasis on solving the requirements for data modernization, optimizing the cloud infrastructure, and integrating the most recent technological solutions for a successful digital transformation.

Range of Offerings
Prutech Solutions has worked with a variety of clients from the public and private sectors all around the world since its beginnings. The organization has a reputation for providing excellent user experiences and fusing technological innovation to support clients in achieving their strategic business goals and digital transformation goals. Organizations can reinvent their business operations with the assistance of the company’s expertise in data modernization, cloud infrastructure optimization, and the integration of cutting-edge technology solutions.

With a recognized presence in the US, Mexico, India, and Dubai, Prutech Solutions is fast growing on a global scale. The business provides a wide variety of cutting-edge services, such as Smart Governance Solutions, Offshore Delivery, Cloud Well Architecture Services, Custom Development, Software Implementation, Cloud Consulting and Migrations, Cyber & Cloud Security, and Professional Services.
To provide customers with the best solutions, the business has forged strategic alliances with top players in the sector, including Microsoft, Cloudera, Hortonworks, MAPR, AWS, Salesforce, including many others.

“We have a comprehensive approach to digital transformation, which involves a combination of technology expertise, innovative strategy, cost-effective solutions, and the ability to gain deeper insights into the features of the solutions offered. This approach helps customers across the globe to unlock the full value of their technology investments through automation and innovation”, shares Ambika Prasad Mohapatra, Executive Vice President.

With its digital transformation solutions, Prutech Solutions provides a customizable, value-driven strategy. The business provides a number of options, such as facilitating integrated platforms for enhanced CX and stakeholder interactions, modernization of legacy applications and infrastructure, enhanced DevOps for improved performance, modernization of hybrid and multicloud ecosystems, and seamless data management & AI. Prutech launches various unique offerings to help companies achieve their goals.

With a recognized presence in the US, Mexico, India, and Dubai, Prutech Solutions is fast growing on a global scale

For instance, Prutech has launched Godgtl, a specialized platform that addresses the emerging needs of companies looking to optimize their cloud infrastructure, modernize their data and reduce costs. The company has also established an IoT research and development center which helps to develop smart products with new functionality, reliability, greater capabilities, and increased utilization. “Prutech’s digital transformation approach is backed by its expertise in technology, which enables us to provide customers with deeper insights into the features of the solutions offered. This helps customers to fully understand and take advantage of the capabilities of their technology investments”, further adds Ambika.

Future Roadmap
The future strategy for Prutech Solutions is to keep offering businesses specialized digital transformation solutions that strike a balance between price, security, functionality, and performance. This includes assisting businesses in creating an IT strategy that is more focused on their customers and responsive to their market through the efficient application of cloud technologies. The company will also keep providing professional services engagements to assist companies in creating a digital transformation strategy, creating and implementing solutions, and managing a strong digital environment. Additionally, Prutech intends to keep growing its footprint internationally and solidifying its alliances with top companies in the future.