Pure Broking: A Platform for Stock Trading Fenced With Trust & Transparency

Agam Mehta & Hitesh Tarsariya,DirectorsAmidst the race between the worthy bulls and diminutive bears, stock brokers zoom out the economic incentives leaving behind oblivious investors who sink down in the pool of immense losses, money maundering, cybercrime and accounting fraud. Taking advantage of technology transmutation, these fraudsters deploy sophisticated methods of perpetration for modalities of such organized crime, and technology-driven financial transactions have now become their ultimate weapon of choice for chicanery. The market ombudsman blames the brokerage shenanigans while they sweep under the carpet, nudging the condemnation. The impulsive investors demand a transparent platform proffering which is Pure Broking, a traditional stock brokerage company accoutering online trading solutions and quality oriented services.

Entrenched in 2013 by Agam Mehta & Hitesh Tarsariya (Directors), this Surat-based company provisions secure and swift platform for customers, thus making trading convenient, hassle-free and more profitable
in Indian stock market. A synchronizer of technology with market mechanisms, Agam avers, “At Pure Broking, we continuously strive to empower the retail community investors by sharing knowledge, providing superior tools and intuitive support, all at minimal costs”.

At Pure Broking, we continuously strive to empower the retail community investors by sharing knowledge, providing superior tools and intuitive support, all at minimal costs

Trading with Transparency
For a novice investor, stock market is a screen full of numbers and graphs switching between red, green and blue colors. Pure Broking transforms this perplexity into cognizance by integrating innovation with knowledge to deliver expert products and quality services. From stock broking to demat service, IPO to mutual funds, currency and derivatives, every solution is customized according to client’s requirements. While many providers charge exorbitant money for software installation and licensing, Pure Broking provides enterprise-based charting software which is in-built the trading software for seamless integrated experience, free of cost. The user employs few dedicated hours in stock trading, a business inclusive of purchase and sale for which a demat slip book is provided for accounting the details determining the monetary status. “All this is
synchronized together so that you need not login again & again for reports,” elucidates Agam.

Assistance for Stable Investments
Knowing that broking is a speculative business, myriad of market foes indulge in force trading to generate revenues; however, Pure Broking’s strong pillared consultants domineer such competitors with their retailer minded trading strategies, a master plan for lucrative user experience. The experienced team of 50 members and in-house researchers succor clients to trade in stable returns for longer gains, implement customer oriented approach through presentations and one-to-one meetings that help them identify the fundamentals of investing in a good company. The price model is kept flexible to fit in the pocket of budgeted investors, hence economical platform for profitable returns. A keen learner, Agam leverages technology to tap latest advancements through in-house software and motivates personnel to trek towards expertise with the similar path.

Headquartered in Surat with offices across Ahmedabad and Navsari, Pure Broking is outspreading towards retail segment while noting substantial growth financially. The company is planning the launch of ‘Pure imember’, its IT enabled product for envisioning change in the definition of sub broker, authorized persons & the franchise owners; the commodity segment is in the checklist for addition in the trading portal of Pure Booking.