Ranjith Murali: Arming Security Domain through Matchless Threat Intelligence Services

Ranjith Murali, FounderThe world witnessed an atrocious situation when the notorious wanna cryransomware attack stroked Britain’s National Health Service, Spain’s Telefonica and numerous PCs across 150 countries.By intelligently pinpointing the door of compromise that lead to widespread exploitation, Ranjith Murali, a cyber security consultant, informed the realm about the IOCs of targeted Windows as soon as it started infecting UK. His practice of Reverse Engineering Malware and Sec Stack Centre database made us aware of the upcoming threat and a state that could have caused absolute infrastructural breakdown.

A Master of Cyber Security
Having two decades of experience in multiple verticals, Ranjith excels in mitigating cyber security problems by combining appropriate technology and security testing with connectivity and management skills. Besides finding & fixing security flaws, he also provides regular checkup on client’s network and anonymous tips on potential geographical threats. Ranjith also provides services in Web vulnerability and infrastructure vulnerability assessments, pen testing, third party assessments and regular cost-free checkups to his renowned clients. Proficient in Post Hack Investigation consulting, he has performed
several investigations over UAE, Africa &India, where he estimates damages, finds exploitation methods,bring back lost services, performs penetration testing, fills infrastructure gaps, designs new blueprint and tests its strength."

The threat Intelligence service Ranjith provides leveraging these exhaustive databases, is a life savior for clients in handling everyday cyber-attacks, while penetration testing helps in identifying the root cause pertaining to security flaws

Inventive in nature, the techie punks violate the computer security systems attacking the loopholes that cause extensive data risk. Citing the case of Aam Aadmi Party, Ranjith talks about his Penetration Testing service that helped inform the party about the potential gaps in their online portal that could cause online brand abuse. To safeguard both personal and projectile data against such espionages and web vulner abilities, he set up Ant Workforce Company. Spending 13 hours a day in internet hunting for threats, new technologies and cyber trends, Ranjith also excels in translating business security needs into high-quality technical designs that has proven to achieve in depth defense and reduce risk.

Since the online reputation of huge IPOs brands makes a big difference in their share values, dark web users trigger their information to cause serious financial damages. Ranjith, hence,
decided to develop a threat intelligence Intel platform called ROGUE VAULT endowing his clients with direct and advanced insights of latest cyber threats, giving real- time experience of securing IT infrastructures using threat cronos feature and integrated cloud analysis. Access of updated IOC’s, spam mails, domains and APT links is given to his clients through Sec Stack Centre activity, which helps in tracing the espionages online. Ranjith is also working on a search engine named PWNED (due 2018) that will be effective for searching the purpose of user queries by means of its database.

The threat intelligence service he provides leveraging these exhaustive databases,is a life savior for clients in handling everyday cyber attacks, while penetration testing helps in identifying the root cause pertaining to security flaws. The malware samples are deeply analyzed through the Reverse Engineering Malware service to bring out the possible loopholes that can be later treated with threat Intel messages. Having vast expertise in threat hunting and online brand abuse protection, he brings a resolution by negotiating and counterfeiting the abuser on behalf of clients.

En route to Tightened Security
Achieving the annual revenue growth of 44 percent with a limited client circle, Ranjith plans to launch an advanced artificial intelligence platform by 2019 to mitigate advanced persistent threats. Mapping to build a strong cyber security workforce and integrate malware analysis platform to ROGUE VAULT by 2018, he endows his clientele with promising consulting services that remains effective and recurring on online portal.