Raviraj & Company: A Boutique Chartered Accountant Firm Offering a Suite of Services

Raviraj Marathe,Proprietor

Raviraj Marathe


In recent times, India has become one of the world's fastest growing startup ecosystem. Several startups have entered the industry by either finding and exploiting gaps in existing markets or unearthing entirely new markets. These early stage startups often have limited resources, most of which are earmark to the core activities of the business, which means focusing on their non-core activities is something they struggle with. This has always been a painful area for them. They are looking to outsource their non core business functions to third party agencies to streamline workflow and save on costs. This is where Raviraj & Company a boutique Chartered Accountant Firm is proving to be the gamechanger, where a plethora of its end-to-end outsourcing services come into play. With an outsourcing partner like Raviraj & Company, startups focus on their core business activities and leave the entire non core activities to the experts. Over the past nine incredible years, the Pune based agency has established itself as a niche professional services firm by providing a complete suite of services under one roof. The company's unmatched expertise revolves around helping startups to set up their operations, raise funds, take care of their finance & accounting, auditing, taxation, company law compliance, and much more. Raviraj & Company helps its clients achieve excellence across a continuum of industries, service, and operational levels by leveraging years of industry experience.
Embedded in its DNA to understand and solve clients'problems, the company offers a helping hand to several startups to solve their issues within fewer time frames. For instance, a digital media startup in Dubai was struggling to manage its finance department. But, when it came right down to Raviraj & Company, it delivered complete finance and accounting solutions with ease. To date, the Firm (agency) has worked with several startups by positive word of mouth spread by its existing happy clients. Today, Raviraj & Company caters to both domestic and international clients from various industrial back grounds, including biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence, digital media, education, software development, and much more. "Whenever we outsource a process for a startup, we treat it as our own. We don't believe in doing mundane work. We try to add value from structuring the startup, capital funding, to getting everything as transparent as possible," says CA Raviraj Marathe, Proprietor, Raviraj & Company.

Raviraj & Company try to add value from structuring the startup, capital funding, to getting everything as transparent as possible.

The Architect Behind
CA Raviraj Marathe started Raviraj & Company in 2013, banking on 13 years of experience as a chartered accountant. He also comes from a business background with a crystal clear understanding of how the businesses run. His forte lies in acquiring new clients and aligning with their foresight and philosophies to help them gain an edge over their competitors.Raviraj also firmly believes that his company's success is directly proportional to its client's success. He has a decent amount of chartered accountants and company secretaries working together in running all the company's operations. He and his team put their best foot forward in maintaining the highest professional conduct and efficiency during outsourcing and integrating cutting edge technologies aligned with their clients.

What's Next?
Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation, Raviraj & Company's shortterm goal is to find a healthy balance between work from home and working in the office. In the long run, the agency envisions entering several other verticals of businesses, including increased international footprints apart from the Middle East and the US. It is also looking for bagging a few processes in the nearest future to get an insight into different areas of expertise.