Refex Energy: Developing Solar Energy as Sustainable Energy Alternative

  Arun Mehta,  Co-Founder

Arun Mehta, Co-Founder

The brainchild of Anil Jain and Arun Mehta, Refex Energy is deemed to be one of the leading energy and turnkey company in the country. For more than a decade it has been moulding possible course of actions to solve the issues concerning the energy sector. It has directed all its attention towards the solar power, providing both short-term and long – term energy solutions which not only equip the clients with solar energy but upshots their financial incentives as well. The company is widely known for offering turnkey and end-to-end solutions such as installing PV power Plants, land development, engineering, procurement & construction (EPC), evacuation services for those who lookout for to building photovoltaic grid connected/off-grid solar power plants, both ground mounted & rooftop and solar pumps among others. Besides this, it allocates measures and operations for the maintenance of the solar power plants throughout the duration of the project. In a
nutshell, its services can be chronicled as Conceptualization, Project planning & execution, Operation & Maintenance and Technical Audits services. “With uttermost passion, we work to provide turnkey EPC solar energy solutions. Our aim is to make earth a better and greener place to live in,” voices Arun.

"Refex Energy is widely known for offering turnkey and end-to-end solutions"

Established in 2008, Refex Energy has rounded off many projects that encompasses grid connected utility scale and rooftop solar plants, solar pump sets, off-grid solar energy solutions and others. Till date, it has worked for notable companies like NLC India Ltd, Atha group, Trimex group, KSK Energy, BHEL, Aditya Birla group, Kirloskar group, Hero Green Energies, PNC Energy and many others. In the previous financial year ie 2018-19, the company has exceeded a turnover of Rs 550 crores. The reason behinds its enormous precedence and success is its unique way of rendering solutions and services. For instance, it follows the CAPEX mode and OPEX mode to the clients and render the long term O&M and the solar energy solutions. Company’ focus has always been high efficiency solar PV modules of crystalline silicon and thin film technologies of the highest quality. And ever since then, Refex Energy has witnessed refinement in its efficiency, technology, material and
manufacturing processes of solar cells/ modules.

The company has maintained a robust and ever-changing work environment. From time to time, the company has been acquainting its employees to the various forms of training and specialization programs in order to familiarize them with the latest trends and techniques in the industry. Hence, the hard work and dedication of this proficient team has succoured Refex have a full plate addressing the various challenges and shore up. The team works with the dogma to provide total satisfaction to the esteemed clients through efficient, innovative designs and equipments. “The industry has many drawbacks and dependencies.Yet with sheer determination and proper planning things can be sorted out. No matter what, we promise to deliver operational excellence through dedicated team work, ingenious professionals and a very positive, transparent and dynamic work environment,” asserts he.

In the times to come, Refex Energy will be focusing on EPC business for reaching out to businesses of highest rank in India and in the overseas. As far as rendering rooftop solar plants are concerned, it strategizes to do so with a mix of CAPEX /OPEX mode and third party O&M services. “Our aim is to grow the top line of the company in such a way that it tunes with the growing solar energy market in the country,” he concludes.