Remunance Systems: Delivering the best Remuneration Processing Services

Rajendra Vaidya,Founder & MD

Rajendra Vaidya

Founder & MD

An organization or company becomes successful when all its employees work towards the shared business goal with same spirit. Acknowledging the importance of a strategic HR management, companies of late vigorously started considering HR management as a vital business process. Amidst its importance, HR management also puts forth a plethora of challenges – finding right talent, changing expectations of growing industry, availability of experienced staff, growing digitization, tire some payroll processing, mammoth leave and attendance data and regular in-house training, the list of challenges goes extended. This intricate and tedious efforts and time requirement in HR and payroll processes are motivating business leaders to explore the option of outsourcing HR and payroll process to an expert organisation. Guiding the companies who are in search of a trusted outsourcing brand, Pune based Remunance Systems Pvt. Ltd offers the best technological solution and convenient support as that of a local vendor, at affordable price. “We equip companies not only with skilled resources, who are mastered in different facets of payroll, let's say compliance
processing, Tax simulation, accounting, IT, HR and communication but also provide top-notch solutions that function well in tune with the organization needs, industry trends and regulatory compliances. The purpose is to save money, reduce costs, increase productivity and allow more focus on core business activities for clients,” shared Rajendra Vaidya, Founder & MD, Remunance Systems.

Catering Expert Solution
Branded as one of the finest payroll outsourcing companies in Pune, Remunance boasts multitude outsourcing services from setting up delivery centres for companies abroad, BPO services in the field of Book-Keeping, Accounting, Financial Management and Payroll and Attendance & Leave management Services for any type and size company. Delivered through two cloud-based software - MakeMySalary, a platform for precised payroll processing and MarkMyPresence, an integrated Leave and Attendance system - company’s solutions are customizable, cost-effective and flexible. Rajendra states, “Be it an employee who is the king pin of this software, or the HR management who needs to focus on building employee retention and contribution, to tax and government bodies, MakeMaySalary as a end-to-end payroll software solution ensures critical data is confidential, continuous and secured. Mean while, MarkMyPresence seamlessly integrates with Attendance and Leave management ensuring paperless transactions. Our portal offers ESS for the employees and HR staff while configurable reports are
made to help management to access data from any where any time.”

True to its name, the highly qualified team of Remunance aims to deliver the best Remuneration processing services. Their 65 member team is built on key principles of innovation, employee trust, ethical business practices and an open work culture. Rajendra says, “Our open work culture has helped in manifesting the best of every team member to build a strong collaborative team. MarkMyPresence is a perfect example of Remunance team's commitment towards solving customer pain areas.”

Having higher employee and customer retention rate in the market, the firm has been catering its expert solutions to a horde of companies from different verticals - Ship building, Manufacturing and auto components, Aviation and Logistics, Pharma and IT and ITeS, to name a few. Today, Remunance has a foot print in 300 Indian cities and already crossed 100 customer imprints in 2016. Some of the reputed names in their diverse clientele include Praj Industries, TATA steel SEZ, Pipavav Shipyard and GIZ. “Remunance was ISO certified in 2010. Apart from that, we were selected as the best by TiE in 2010. Our present team is strong in accounting function and technology and we’re successfully running Singapore payroll services since 2013. So, by leveraging our existing strengths, we would start offering expense management services as immediate offering and then will expand in offering fund management services to the employees of our customers,” Rajendra concludes.