Renovare Healthcare Solutions: Leveraging Five Decades of Expertise to offer Generis Medico-Marketing Solutions

Dr. Sakharam Garale,Managing Partner

Dr. Sakharam Garale, Managing Partner

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is going through a major transition, where it is facing dynamic challenges and at the same time, is bracing itself for newer ways to drive growth. While the large stakeholders of the industry get end-to-end solutions by negotiating with anyone and everyone offering services, the startups & SMEs lag behind the race and suffer to grow efficiently in the pharma space. Alongside, the lack of regulatory support, marketing services, and training & resources has cluttered the growth of these companies. Comprehending this need of the industry, a eight-month old startup, Renovare Healthcare Solutions, employs its 50+ years of cumulative experience spanning across the domestic & international healthcare markets to offer one-of-its-kind customized international medico-marketing services, along with a wide horizon of support services that hack growth for SMEs & startups.

By switching the Sherlock Holmes mode on, Renovare gets deep down to different aspects of clients’ growth trajectories and timely suggest them what needs to be done in the present market
scenario; thanks to its impeccable healthcare research capabilities. From state-of-the-art CRM solutions, application, and training platform to all the advanced support systems that your business needs for growth, Renovare has it all sorted and delivered with intact quality at stipulated time periods, since building trust among its clients is of paramount importance for the company.

"Renovare continues to offer innovative techniques of promoting, training, and realigning different stakeholders in the digitized healthcare"

Besides medico-marketing, Renovare also provides end-to-end services like clinical trials consultancy with execution, customized brand communications, customized therapy communications, clinical guidelines, customer engagement programs, patient education, CMEs, promotional tools and field staff training. This makes the emerging brand a one-stop-shop for growth hacking. Renovare builds market access for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, Nutraceuticals through medical communications, medical education, outcome solutions, medical research and most importantly, by offering regulatory support to the clients. Furthermore, as a responsible consultant, the company creates one-to-one & app-based training platform to help its clients meet the industry demands on real-time. It also makes customers aware of the ‘dos and dont's’ regarding the current market-trends and moreover, becomes the consultant who steers the client’s business against the challenges, making
them grow each day.

The Guiding Light
The cumulative industry experience of the eight in-house senior consultants has paid off in the form of flexibility to customers with respect to their changing needs in service duration and pricing. However, Renovare believes in having effective discussions with clients on different pricing structures as per their requirement along with the support it needs, while keeping the quality constant. “You cannot have the same pricing for a big company and a startup. We discuss with our clients and charge what is respectable in the market. This flexibility allows us to support & work with growing startups, ensuring unbiased quality,” asserts Dr. Sakharam Garale, Managing Partner, Renovare Healthcare Solutions.

Renovare continues to offer innovative techniques of promoting, training and realigning different stakeholders in the digitized healthcare. “You ask for it, we can create it. We have tie-ups in the market with robust tech-support teams & vendors who can work in tandem as per the requirement, so that we start right from the start by identifying the problem, suggest technologically sound solutions, and execute them to perfection,” concludes Dr. Sakharam. Having churned-out over double-digit revenue in the first three months itself, Renovare desires to increase its revenue with a growth rate of 25-30 percent month–on-month by the end of next year and expand its services across India, Asia and MENA regions successfully.