Research Aspects and Consulting: Custom Design market research services

Rajdeep Arora, Vice President

Rajdeep Arora

Vice President

Research Aspects and Consulting LLP was incorporated in 2014 when a group of seasoned professionals with more than 50 years of collective research experience decided to come together and set up a research company that espoused the values that all of them believed in. The values entailed maintaining high integrity and quality in the research delivery process, keeping a highly responsive and flexible engagement approach, and continuously innovating & improving their research practice.These core values together with depth of experience and capabilities has helped Research Aspects cover a multitude of industry sectors ranging from Pharma and Healthcare to Consumer and Automotive.

As a market research services firm, Research Aspects provides exclusive access to hard to reach respondent types through its in-house custom recruited panels which include physicians and healthcare providers, key opinion leaders, C- level executives globally.With a strong focus on quality of delivery, 70% of the revenue is contributed through clients in the pharma and healthcare sector. The company strives to provide high quality workable solutions in the field of healthcare research and applies strict ethical rules and data protection policies in fieldwork.
In a short span, Research Aspects has managed to build an impeccable reputation for providing actionable insights to its clients and is deemed to be one of the most trusted and fastest growing research suppliers in the healthcare industry. The company is said to be steadily carving out a niche for itself in this otherwise fiercely price driven market. Throwing light on this, Rajdeep Arora, Co- Founder and Vice President – Sales speaks, “We justify our pricing through our quality of output and we apply stringent controls to ensure that our clients receive only the right and relevant inputs from us. The immaculate attention to detail remains the same whether we are tasked with a run of the mill assignment or a high value custom research engagement.” Research Aspects is one of the very few firms who have heavily invested in building proprietary respondent panels in the healthcare space.

Research Aspects is deemed to be one of the most trusted and fastest growing research suppliers in the healthcare industry with offices in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Florida USA.

Offering Bespoke Solutions
With a single-minded focus on delivering results that provide clients with the strategic foresight that helps them maintain their niche in the business landscape, Research Aspects offers bespoke research solutions customized to suit client needs. “At times, when there is lack of historical data or research trends, our clients trust us with the
task of mapping the research strategy and approach to meet desired end objectives,” says Rajdeep.

The methods and techniques used in the process are a blend of conventional Qualitative and Quantitative research tools along with the use of modern and advanced statistical and analytical methods. The company leverages latest technologies which includes Live streaming/web hosting of discussions and focus groups, use interactive web interface programming tools which are device agnostic, data analytics tools like Open Refine, SPSS-Quantum, Sawtooth, SAS and visualization tools like Tableau, KNIME, NodeXLto deliver compelling insights to their clients.

“We are in the process of creating a proprietary web-based tool which will help our clients monitor the project progress in real time, run custom reports and analytics, monitor data inflow and overall efficiency thereby enhancing user experience and minimizing operational delays,” mentions Rajdeep.Additionally, the team will be implementing a customized panel engagement tool to increase their panel efficiencies and are constantly improvising their data management and data security initiatives to protect all confidential data.

With all these interesting near-future innovation initiatives, team Research Aspects is rather optimistic about achieving an organic, sustainable and stable growth. The company has already recorded 100 percent growth inthe last year. “Revenue inflow has been good so far. Despite the heavy investments made into technology, infrastructure and manpower, we are 100 percent debt-free and wish to remain this way,” smiles Rajdeep.