Resource Infinite: Orchestrates Requirement Analysis of Clients till On-Boarding of Right-Fit Candidates with Agility & Transparency

Neha Mittal,Principal Consultant

Neha Mittal

Principal Consultant

For most of the recruitment firms, scouting the right talent is all about sending a bulk of resumes to the concerned, client wherein majority of the resumes turn out to be irrelevant, resulting in the unnecessary wastage of quality time and cost. But for Resource Infinite, a pre-eminent recruitment consultancy organization, the strategy is all about sending candidates (not just resumes) who are relevant to the vacant positions as well as the right-fit ones through its pre-screen & evaluation process. “By firstly comprehending the client’s business, its organizational culture and requirements, we endeavour to be their extended arm in selecting and on-boarding the right employees and leaders via thorough recruitment processes and thereby secure their productivity and performance,” articulates Neha Mittal, Principal Consultant, Resource Infinite. In spite of being sector/industry agnostic, the firm holds an extremely co-operative, cordial, engaging and motivating client base and also outclasses as one of the most promising recruitment consultants across industries.
Agile Hiring with Sundry Benefits
Unlike the traditional method of hiring that stresses on keyword search, non-consultative approach, volume of profiles and no expert validation, Resource Infinite follows an agile method of hiring that entails candidate profiling, consultative approach between client & partner, value of profiles and expert validation, respectively. Clearly, through a transparent approach and the goal to make a fast start in tapping the right talents, the firm uncovers adept talent & potential, reduces cost of selection, increases selection accuracy, saves training costs, enhances retention and enriches employee quality. In fact, quality staffing by Resource Infinite has always bestowed its clients the perfect blend of profit and growth.

"Resource Infinite follows an agile method of hiring that entails candidate profiling, consultative approach between client & partner, value of profiles and expert validation respectively"

Distinctly, the firm helps clients’ organizations to attain the prime movers of their business including leaders, managers, and individual contributors by considering employee as its first & most important customer. Apart from this, it also assists the clients in accomplishing their business strategies and goals by enabling them to procure the right human resources, as well as create the right organizational climate for the employees to deliver their best. But how is Resource Infinite executing the aforementioned
pursuits with so much excellence? “Employing a well-trained team of recruitment consultants is in fact the prime reason behind quenching our clients’ demands swiftly with the provision of a bulk of potential talents,” asserts Neha.

Adroit Team of Consultants
Selecting the ultimate recruitment consultants for its team has always been the top priority for Resource Infinite, the boutique search of business leaders. Post the selection, each recruitment consultant is ought to undergo rigorous training programs both internally and at other institutions for around 9-12 months in order to absorb the subtleties in recruitment space and also become a better consultant. Benefitting from this methodology are the firm’s clients, whose time and money is meticulously saved to a great deal because the well-trained consultants evaluate only relevant and quality candidates.

Despite building a fresh team and client base from scratch at its Bangalore office post shifting from Delhi in 2016, Resource Infinite reaped a fantastic growth both in 2017-18 as well as the Q1 of this FY. Besides aspiring to keep up this momentum of growth for the upcoming quarters, the firm also carves its roadmap towards building a team of highly proficient consultants in the next three years in order to cater key clients and deliver them timely & quality services.