Rigbay Marine Surveyors & Superintendents: Administering Marine Surveys using Expert Hands

Umesh Tank,Principal Surveyor

Umesh Tank

Principal Surveyor

Maritime sector in India has become a crucial sector as it comprises 95 percent of the country’s trade by volume and 70 percent by value. Transporting goods across waterways has also given rise to various issues that emanated in the field of marine commercialization and marine ecosystem. One of the most critical jobs that entails with it involves the detailed studying and delineation of the concern from an environmental perspective. Therefore, businesses cannot give free hand to inexperienced people to transport their goods across countries or regions. Consultancies with proper expertise to advice and address unforeseen shipping issues are imperative in helping corporations engaged in marine business.

Noticing survey jobs are rendered by unqualified and inexperienced hands, Rigbay Marine Surveyors & Superintendents, RMSS, based out of Jamnagar provides value added professional services in the field of Marine Surveying. The company is a service oriented organization pioneered with a vision to fill-in the gap by resorting experienced and competent hands at reasonable rates.
Taking up multiple roles
The Indian maritime sector constitutes of ports, shipping, ship building and ship repair, as well as inland water transport systems. Ship owners, charterers, cargo receivers, shippers, stevedores and a whole host of other companies involved in maritime trade beseech RMSS in order to protect their business interests. The company descries clients’ requirements and serves to produce competent factual reports in due time. To this end, RMSS employs well experienced, qualified and competent persons, as well as assures full detailed reports within 3 days, under normal circumstances All field staffs adequately equipped with communication tools enable the speedy contact in cases of emergency or urgent update. RMSS carries out two types of surveys in its Marine Survey services Dry/ General Cargo surveys, and Petroleum & Edible oil surveys. For dry/ general projects, the company is involved in surveys of break bulk, hatch cleanliness, hose test and many others. Its technical surveys consist of Vessel Pre-purchase inspections, as well as new build, dry dock and repair superintending assistance. In dealing with petroleum products, RMSS is involved in quantity and quality related issues. “We take up the charge of oil loss control expeditor & cargo superintendent, involves in oil terminal inspection, and administers onboard ship & loss control surveys”, says Umesh Tank, Principal Surveyor, Rigbay Marine Surveyors & Superintendents.

RMSS employs well experienced, qualified and competent persons, as well as assures full detailed reports within 3 days, under normal circumstances

RMSS formulates its mission as to exceed the customers’ expectation on every assignment by enrolling as their service providers, without compromising to deviate from the ethics and principles of independent marine surveying and consultancy. Umesh envisions shaping the company as the most reputed and preferred Marine Survey firm in the Indian subcontinent for specialized Maritime Survey activities with its consistent quality and ethical working system. As he defines, the core value of RMSS is to build the trust of clients with high quality survey services, and aspire for excellence in its survey and reporting activities with honesty, integrity and continual self improvement.