Rishabh Gandhi and Advocates: Raising the Bar through Ethical & Competent Legal Services

Rishabh Gandhi,Managing Partner

Rishabh Gandhi

Managing Partner

The business world is highly dynamic space which gets more structured and scrutinized over time. Given the volatile nature of corporate culture, especially in India, it is essential for any organization entering the market to be aware of their rights, responsibilities and other legal aspects involved in its business. Helping multinational companies, private & public, corporate entities, commercial, real estate enterprises, banks, financial institutions, and individuals understand and deal with the Indian legal system is the major work of Rishabh Gandhi and Advocates(RGAA). Headquartered in Pune, the multidisciplinary law firm renders expert assistance or aid to clients looking to mitigate any form of legal difficulties or problems. Operating in keeping with the highest order of ethics and moral code of conduct, the earnest firm has been successfully aiding clients and remedying injustice since 2009.

Multifaceted Team, Diverse Services
In its arsenal, RGAA possesses associates with expertise in diverse sectors of legal services. At the helm of affairs is Rishabh Gandhi, Managing Partner, a former trial court Judge and an academician at heart, with proficiency in civil
litigation, arbitration & other forms of dispute resolution, corporate consultation and Mergers & Acquisitions. With other associates holding competency in the field of property & real estate and criminal matters the RGAA team is well equipped to deal with a plethora of cases.

The multidisciplinary law firm renders expert assistance or aid to clients looking to mitigate any form of legal difficulties or problems

Counting civil litigation as one of its core skills, the firm's skilled Civil Attorneys have profound information of substantive& procedural law, possess solid composed & oral backing aptitudes, expository& coherent thinking capacities along with the capacity to orchestrate complex lawful and truthful materials, learning of lawful research strategies & programming, and arrangement abilities.

Additionally, corporate litigation, corporate compliance and commercial litigation form an important part of RGAA’s roster of services. “Corporate litigation in India needs refurbishing so as to ease out the process of or entering into business with a series of measures to accelerate dispute resolution,” explains Rishabh. Keeping this in mind, RGAA has a vast corporate litigation advisory practice. The firm advices its overseas clients across joint ventures, mergers & acquisitions, asset purchase, acquisitions& divestment, due diligence and
related regulatory approvals for formulation of Indian business entities.

Additionally, the company is also adept at sectors such as commercial litigation, corporate litigation, corporate compliance, civil, criminal litigation, general litigation practice & appearances, contracts drafting & vetting and Intellectual Property Rights. Additionally the firm has also added Arbitration, an emerging and progressing field, to its diverse list of services.

Harbouring Trust- the Most Crucial Ingredient to Success
Adopting a consultative approach to work, RGAA addresses any matter through thorough discussions in order to gather a better perspective of the situation. Such discussions enable the associates to improve with every matter giving them better insights and hence enabling them to deal with the matters with enhanced understanding.

Fuelled by commitment towards the profession and its clients, RGAA stresses on rendering ethical and quality law practice. The firm works hard to build a sense of mutual trust between the clients and its team, in order to ensure client satisfaction. “Trust is the key factor here; trust between our firm and its clients, trust between me and my associates, because if one part of the chain weakens,it imbalances the entire system,” explains Rishabh.

With its heart and wits in the right place, RGAA functions to fulfil a higher function as well; the team’s determination towards taking up cases is underlined by their desire to bring about an affirmative change in the system of governance by any and all means possible and ultimately a change in the society.