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Anup Nair,Executive Director

Anup Nair

Executive Director

Businesses today are undergoing unprecedented disruption and transformation due to information technology revolution, new business models and the pandemic. Most businesses today have a global presence in terms of subsidiaries and joint ventures. There are Indian IT companies having subsidiaries in the US, UK and other key geographies for client acquisitions and client relationship management as well as on-site services. Likewise, most of the large global IT companies also have Development Centers in India. In such a scenario, organizations seek integrated advisory services to realize their aspirations and overcome the challenges by anticipating market shifts spread across several geographical regions. In addition to these developments, the Covid pandemic and its aftermath will severely impact businesses in terms of surviving the new paradigm shift and growth. Cybersecurity, data privacy and protection of information assets have become more critical than ever before.

RSM India has a team of 2,000 personnel across 11 cities that assists globally active companies by providing services for risk management, IT security, tax and consulting. The structuring of cross-border businesses in terms of foreign investment regulations and capital structuring, including debt, equity, and hybrid instruments is crucial. When it comes to IT policies and cybersecurity, companies are now increasingly driven by IT systems, ERP systems and emerging technologies. It is necessary for businesses to have a well-defined IT Policy in place. The risks from hacking and data piracy have also increased manifold with growing digitalization, use of cloud computing and remote working. RSM India has a team of IT professionals, cybersecurity experts, and certified ethical hackers to assist clients in the areas of cybersecurity. For internal audits and tax compliances, it has industry focused teams which use data analytics and Robotics Process Automation(RPA) tools.
Global Experts Committed to Assist Clients Re-imagine their Business Models
RSM India, the sole Indian member of RSM International, consistently ranks as one of the top six accounting, tax and consulting firms in India (International Accounting Bulletins, 2011-2020).RSM International has 48,000 personnel in 120 countries, with annual combined fee income of $6.3 billion (Rs.46,000 crores). “Our widespread reach gives us the global perspective which is crucial for serving clients as most clients, have global presence and need integrated advice,” says Anup Nair, Executive Director, RSM India. As a global network, the company has access to international best practices as well as quality resources around the globe.

RSM India has a team of 2,000 personnel across 11 cities that assists globally active companies by providing services for risk management, IT security, tax and consulting

In India, RSM India has a nationwide presence, having offices in 11 cities including Mumbai, New Delhi NCR, Bangalore and Chennai to cater to the needs of Indian Corporates and Global Multinationals having diversified operations in the country. The company has industry focused teams for the critical Indian sectors of IT & ITeS, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (BFSI), Infrastructure, and Manufacturing. The multidisciplinary team comprises CAs, MBAs, Engineers, CISAs/ISAs, Company Secretaries, Law Graduates and Information Technology professionals.

Dr. Suresh Surana, Founder, RSM India

“Each industry has unique business models, opportunities and challenges which require a deep understanding of the industry to provide meaningful advice”, opines Anup. “We have a robust and contemporary ‘Learning & Research Culture’ at RSM India, which is considered key to survival and growth as we are witnessing massive changes in regulations, governance and technology,” he further adds.

Anup feels that the emerging post-covid world will only be better understood once the dust settles down, as we are very much in the middle of the storm. The impact will vastly differ from business to business, depending on the industry, financial position and the management response to Covid. Built on the four pillars of client centric approach, technical excellence, industry vertical focus and extensive use of technology, RSM India partners for its’ clients’ success by reimagining their business models and helping them move forward with utmost confidence.