Rubixe: Scaling Businesses with Smart AI Solutions

Ashok Veda,Founder & CEO

Ashok Veda

Founder & CEO

A joint study conducted by Microsoft and the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) has revealed that India’s artificial intelligence (AI) market is expected to witness a growth of 20 percent over the next five years, and the country is among the top three talent markets, producing 16 percent of the world’s AI talent pool. Pioneering in this industry with its disruptive technologies is Bengaluru-based, Rubixe.A global technology company, Rubixe is specialized in disruptive technologies Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), BlockChain, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The firm is on a mission to enable businesses to leverage the full potential of disruptive technologies to stay competitive in the market.

Started in 2008, Rubixe is backed by founders who hold rich expertise in offering cutting-edge technology through delivering several smart city solutions for European Commission(EC) projects. “We make your business more efficient, more predictable, and more effective, turning complex challenges into solutions by leveraging disruptive technologies, providing a strategic competitive advantage.

We serve clients in most industries including Banking & Finance, Retail, e-commerce, healthcare, logistics, and more. We have the capability to deliver solutions to clients of all sizes across the globe”, says Ashok Veda, Founder & CEO, Rubixe.

Making Businesses Smarter
Think Ahead Innovations, the parent company of Rubixe was founded in 2009 in
Amsterdam Netherlands, and an Indian entity is registered in 2017. The firm has been working in Analytics and IoT solutions since 2008 for European Commission projects and large European customers, through which Rubixe gained vast knowledge. However, by 2017, the company shifted its gears and spent more of its effort on building AI and ML solutions. Rubixe is currently home to 70+ ML engineers, a significant number even in comparison to the MNCs.

Through AI, we hope to revolutionize businesses across industries, create more efficient & sustainable solutions to make our world a better place to live

When the pandemic shook the world, it gave Rubixe more opportunities. A large number of companies approached Rubixe for remote AI solutions that could keep their business going. This exponentially boosted the growth of the company as an AL and ML technology solution provider. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning entered the mainstream business, disrupting existing business models through the predictive capabilities of AI and Machine Learning. There are already existing use cases in most industries from predicting churn rate in a telecom company, and medical diagnosis to predicting consumer behaviour in e-Commerce.

“Rubixe has not only inhouse AI consulting for top industries but also the capabilityto deliver full-scale AI and Machine learning solutions”, adds Ashok Veda. Giants such as Dell, Cisco, And Paypal have leveraged Rubixe to bring in more efficiency in their operations.

Rubixe Chatbot and ai4commerce are the company’s flagship products. Rubixe Chatbot platform can be customized to the business of any industry, given that it has related chat data from the past chat history. Its ai4commerce on the other hand is an artificial intelligence software residing in the e-Commerce site which calculates the probability of products purchased for website visitors and shows only products which have a high buying probability. It is proven that this enhances sales by at least 20 percent over a period of time and, thus, is very effective in adding significant positive value to the business.

In the Future
The team at Rubixe well understands the power of AI and predictive analytics in disrupting businesses. The company hence spends a huge amount of its time understanding the trends in this space and hopes to attract more Fortune 500 companies to leverage its solutions. “Through AI, we hope to revolutionize businesses across industries including Finance & Banking, Health Care, Retail, agriculture, and others, and create more efficient and sustainable solutions to make our world a better place to live”, concludes Ashok Veda.