S S Auditors And Tax Consultants: A Recognized Accounting Firm Providing Comprehensive Financial And Professional Services

Sayeed Ahmed V M,Auditor & Business Director

Sayeed Ahmed V M

Auditor & Business Director

It is essential to hire someone with tremendous tax experience and skills, as it will be an opportunity for your company's future. Also, to avoid refrain from being tricked by someone promising lower rates for tax advice. Certainly, proper advice on your finances will help you better plan your business capital. As far as taxes are concerned, in terms of tax deductions and deductibles, you can save a lot of money with proper information. Auditing is an independently conducted study of accounting and financial reports. This is required to assess if the corporation or the business company has complied with the laws and commonly accepted accounting standards in its activities. If it is a small company or a complex organization, it can be challenging to keep track of all the financial activities.

Established in 2013, SS Auditors and Tax Consultants, one of the most trusted Chartered Accountants, is a full-service accounting company which takes great pride in its impeccable standards of excellence. Over the past 13 years, Sayeed Ahmed V M has been working to develop this business effectively, this organization was managed solely by Sayeed Ahmed in its initial days. He was the only individual who took complete care of the organizational functions and also introduced different marketing campaigns to promote the business. Down the line, Sayeed has also been working hard to help the organization in achieving its goals & objectives.

The company functions with a mission to provide outstanding financial and technical services while upholding integrity and professionalism at the highest levels and guide the customers' in fulfilling their current and potential needs and help them cultivate long-term success. Also, the company
focuses on creating a lively, open atmosphere that promotes innovative thinking, creative ideas and challenges workers to achieve their optimal success levels, and creates a harmonious equilibrium between family life and work.

S S Auditors and Tax Consultants' team of experts offer real-world solutions to complex business challenges with expert experience and reliability. Sayeed Ahmed V M, Auditor and Business Director, S S Auditors and Tax Consultants says, "Our approach provides high-quality services at the right time for our customers. We provide fast and personalized services with an individual partner or principal managing each customer's affairs to meet each customer's needs, also recognize that potential opportunities are missed without absolute direction and appropriate clinical assistance, and all seem stressful and even produce compromised results. To understand this deliberately, we have a knowledgeable team with expertise in dealing with a variety of issues."

The company provides services like Accounting, Filing of VAT, Service Tax, Income Tax, e-TDS, Professional Tax, Provident Fund (PF), Employees State Insurance (ESI) and Labour License, Food License, Trade License, DSC, Registration of Firms, Incorporation of Companies, Internal Auditing, Patents and many more. Mrs. Sayeed, Accountant, S S Auditors and Tax Consultants adds, "Our trained accounting professionals have outstanding accounting and taxation expertise and can provide quality and useful services to help your business or professional development or serve as a virtual accounting team, depending on the level of support you require. We understand our clients' accounts and accounting processes and get acquainted with them. Rani and Bhavani have been the most capable employees of our organization."

S S auditors and tax consultants' team of experts offer real-world solutions to complex business challenges with expert experience and reliability

Auditors and tax advisors offer realistic, innovative and simple solutions to complicated business challenges and are proud of the long-standing partnership that the founder has formed with its customers, many of whom are industry leaders in their respective fields. The motto of the organization is to be universally known with an immaculate level of excellence as a trustworthy company. The market-driven framework allows S S Auditors and Tax Advisors provide their customers with an educated viewpoint on the problems of the industry.

Various rules and regulatory compliances that the company adheres to while offering their services are Income-tax Act 1961, GST 2017 Act, Companies Act 2013, and the National Insurance Act 1946. S S Auditors and Tax Consultants have a very strong client base with the clients like Fashion Degree Private Limited, Reliond Private Limited, I N Engineering Works and many more.

Sayeed Ahmed V M, Auditor & Business Director
Location: Bengaluru
Offerings: Financial & Technical Services