SafeFoodz Solutions: Most preferred Food Safety Training Organization & Single Point Solution to All the Safety Needs of Food and Beverages Industry

Sanjay Indani,FounderThere is food safety concern throughout India due to the rising issues in recent times. The changing lifestyle has been a major cause for this. As a result, food safety is a pivotal requisite for public health improvement with policy-driven results for covering the entire food chain ­ from farm to fork.

Indian regulatory environment is highly dynamic, where developments stride rapidly. Amidst the unsafe food caused plague, Navi Mumbai-based SafeFoodz Solutions is aiding to improve downfall by accurate and excellent food safety and regulatory advising.

SafeFoodz Solutions struck the food safety regulation market with highest level of integrity and transparent services in 2002 under the guidance of Sanjay Indani, the founder proprietor of SafeFoodz Solutions. Sanjay is also an NBQP-approved Senior Consultant in Food Safety, NLRP for FSSAI and an LEC member in AFSTI, Mumbai division. Today, SafeFoodz Solutions is prominently renowned for its array of best-in-class services which include Food Safety Auditing, Food Safety Consultancy, FSSR Compliance ­ Recipe Verification, Labelling Verification, Licensing and Food Safety Training.

Reliable Assistance
Audits play an integral role in verifying proper food safety practices at food & beverage processing facilities. This is where
SafeFoodz Solutions assists its clients by providing consultancy of food safety systems right from GAP assessment to implementation and documentation guidance, internal audits, and supplier audits leading to certification. The firm also provides services for legal compliance with respect to FSSAI and USFDA such as licensing, labelling and ingredient verification. In its food safety training segment, the firm offers international level training courses on effective awareness, internal auditing, implementation training in various food safety systems, and FoSTaC courses.

Training is their core competence & is the segment in which the firm excels. SafeFoodz Solutions has now initiated the "Atmanirbhar" scheme for food consulting & training by conducting capacity building courses to the aspiring consultants and trainers, and working professionals who require direction and guidance for interpreting food safety standards. Being one of the leading food safety advisory consultant in the industry, SafeFoodz offers end-to-end solutions for every compliance requisites adhereing to HACCP, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000, BRC-Food, USFDA-FSMA, FSSAI and more. "It's our diverse experience that enables us to manage multiple sectors and industries to guide them on various food safety standards compliances," states Sanjay.

SafeFoodz being approved by APEDA, NBQP, and IOPEPC sanctions its quality, as well as authenticity of the services

The Differential Factor
Leveraging thorough knowledge of the standard requirements, varied practical experience, and a competent team of experienced Food Safety Experts, Trainers, Food Technologists and Microbiologists, SafeFoodz today is thriving in the food safety space. Provided that many companies promise quality services without any certifications or accreditations, SafeFoodz being approved by APEDA, NBQP, and IOPEPC sanctions service quality, as well as authenticity. This adds an extra edge to the reputation of the firm.

Incorporating consistency in its services, the company has success-fully handled the requirements of more than 150 clients with a vast served portfolio including bigwigs like Marico Industries, Kamath Ourtimes-Natural Icecream and various reputed FBOs of the industry. With such dedicated services, SafeFoodz has graphed 40 percent rise in the annual revenue and is expecting to maintain the rise even during the pandemic. Besides, the firm is also working on online training segment, where they are developing training videos in order to make the courses accessibility easier.