Saigal Sea Trade: Assurance For Safe & Efficient Deliveries

Capt. Sushmit Biswas,  CEO,Sushil Kumar Saigal,  Director

Capt. Sushmit Biswas, CEO

Sushil Kumar Saigal, Director

The international dry cargo and tanker markets are immense and served by numerous ships of several types and various sizes. Some of the ships follow standard designs and can carry a variety of commodities while others are more specialized and able to carry particular products which the standard vessels cannot. Since we have seen such large variety of vessels in the OpenSea marketplace and as the vessel designs change over time to time, necessity of maritime consultants with specializations in tanker/vessels and dry bulk has become a mandate.

Let’s just say your maritime activity cannot grow in international trade ocean without creditable & reliable advisers. Besides as for the world trade, tankers play an important role in international trade with a share of over 33 percent of the world tonnage. That is all the more reason there are no lose ends while out on the ocean. Saigal Sea Trade, incorporated in 1988 is a Mumbai based maritime consulting company.

Saigal Sea Trade plays the role of an independent consultant to ship owners and cargo charterers. The company sources reliable vessels for ocean transportation of cargo create the opportunity & market the heaviness to prospective clients, with professional experience and technical guidance negotiate the terms of the contract, use the knowledge and acumen to achieve the best possible deal and monitor the contract until completion.

The consulting firm has spent considerable time and effort to build trustworthy relationships with international ship owners and commodity houses. Along with a database on worldwide trade the company thus has a massive pool of market intelligence that it provides to its clients when required. The consultant preserves data and analyse the latest information to make insightful predictions on market conditions.

Industrial clients have greater control over quality of cargo when purchasing on “Free on Board” basis. The company strives to identify the most cost effective means including vessel type/size and thus the finest freight rates for charterers. “Due to our long experience in maritime consulting, we are able to advise the ship owners about the type of trade, the route, market information and the rate”, says Sushil Kumar Saigal, Director at Saigal Sea Trade.

The consultancy has sufficient techno commercial expertise to render services to ship owners or charterers.

Saigal Sea Trade Advisory is a strong confluence of relationships, technical expertise and negotiation skills grounded in the belief that clients are best served by an advisory firm free of the conflicts of interest inherent to large, multiproduct outfits. As experts in freight market movement, Saigal Sea Trade analyzes commodity, shipping and freight trends, track movement of ships & cargoes and provides such specialized information to their clients. Over the years, Saigal Sea Trade has nurtured the dry bulk trade in the Indian & Pacific Ocean regions, generating a focus for specialized trade in the oil and gas sector.

The firm has also developed a good professional working relationship with a
number of reputed end users for customized solutions. The prominent services focused by the company are Tanker specialization and Dry Cargo specialization. The company’s Tanker specialists offer dedicated and personalized services to all clients and provide them with the most cost effective and reliable solution for movement of Crude Oil, LPG, LNG, Clean Petroleum products and Chemical tankers. Saigal Sea Trade maintains updated databases of vessels, cargoes and rates and pays close attention to the direction of the market, so as to lend its advice to clients on accurately optimizing their benefits.

Saigal Sea Trade has been actively associated with a number of strategic projects for ocean transportation

This Tanker & Dry Cargo specialist brings hands on experience in planning and executing projects & Tanker COA's for major Indian Charterers and Owners. Saigal Sea Trade’s chartering team is supported by a strong and skilled operations department, who provide prompt and effective solutions so as to ensure smooth voyages throughout the execution of the charter.

Dry Cargo Specialization
Being one of the renowned and specialized Maritime consultants in India, Saigal Sea Trade has been actively associated with a number of strategic projects for ocean transportation. The consultants at Saigal Sea Trade offer indepth analysis on opportunities and market trends. The firm also provides reliable information on details such as trading patterns, cargo volume, port development, forthcoming ship type/size and a wealth of other information.

The knowledge and experience Saigal Sea Trade has accumulated over the span of 30 years+ of its operations enables it to advise both ship owners and cargo owners on how best to optimize revenue and minimize costs for operational efficiency resulting in a win-win situation for its clients.

The Saigal team has been closely involved with securing ocean freight for major clients. “As consultants, we consider it our responsibility to ensure that the ocean transportation arrangement is low-cost & dependable for supply chain reliability”, adds Sushil.

Clients based in Middle East have high volume transportation needs with reliability of supply to avoid production disruptions. The infrastructures at port are restricted with water depth to accept larger vessels requiring deep water depth. Taking such factors into consideration we had to customize a solution with special design vessel able relatively shallow water navigation without significantly increasing costs. Identified suitable vessel & position such vessel into the region at minimal repositioning expense by optimizing cargo enroute to Middle East(Arabian Gulf).

Saigal Sea Trade is dynamic and progressive in its outlook, but deep rooted in the value system. “With every small opportunity leading to a great initiative and every ideal ending up with value creation, it is our teams’ dedication and perseverance that has secured continual growth and development for us”, Capt. A.K. Saigal, Chairman & MD at Saigal Sea Trade.

Saigal Sea Trade though based in India has enhanced its activity beyond the territorial boundaries of India. As India has grown with ITES, it has been the telecom boom that has been in a boon. In the early 90's most Maritime Consultants would locate in London or Singapore. “We stayed our ground to work from India, this was supported by the access to knowledgeable talent pool & good communication infrastructure. We service clients domiciled in European Union, Singapore, Japan, U.K. Having a global experience adds to the value that we bring on the table for our clients”, concludes Capt. Sushmit Biswas, CEO, Saigal Sea Trade.

Registered with Services Export Promotion Council(SEPC), Saigal Sea Trade is involved in following consulting activities:
•As Specialists in freight market movement, Saigal will analyze commodity, shipping and freight markets, track movement of ships and cargoes and disseminate such information to ‘The Client’.
•Track, collate, analyze and monitor Port Development & Logistics data originating from reliable source and update future trends.
•Monitor worldwide Economic Development, Bulk Commodity Trade pattern development.
•Indentify and provide information on Port Costs, Bunker (fuel) trend, Cost Estimation & Analysis.
•Monitor Voyage Execution for smooth and efficient operations, so as to optimize performance for ‘The Client’.
•Examine lay time calculations and arrange for account reconciliation for objectives of eventual settlement.
•Preliminary evaluation of cargo volume, trade patterns, trend in commodity movement, port congestion, Global as well as Regional economic development and analysis.
•Techno-Commercial assessment of vessel type, utilization opportunities, infrastructure development in various regions, Geographical impact on global trade in bulk commodities arising from weather, piracy, war, conflict or any other causes which have prospects to impact trade.