Sanf Greenmens: A Name Dedicated towards the Welfare of the Farmers & the Environment

Satyanarayana Choppavarapu,Managing DirectorThe Indian economy is based on agriculture. The fact that roughly 70 percent of Indians are farmers who are dedicated to increasing the output of their fields to supply the country with the appropriate number of food crops cannot be overlooked. However, despite their land’s great productivity and production, they never see a rise in their income. This is a painful and heartbreaking position because they are unable to make ends meet on such a little wage. Farmer suicides have been reported in India for many years. Many causes have contributed to the deterioration of the poor farmer’s situation. Inability to repay landlords or banks for loans, crop failure owing to a lack of irrigation on the farm, increased investment in the farm but no returns, unsuitability of seeds are some variables that have wreaked havoc on the lives of farmers, costing many their lives. With these tragic events in mind, Sanf Greenmens Pvt. Ltd. has taken steps to eliminate these vexing issues from their lives. Sanf Greenmens was founded on the principles of mutual trust, hard labor, and compassion among coworkers. The enlightened idea of making a difference in the lives of farmers, as well as the goal of eliminating unemployment in India, gives Sanf an edge over the others.

Sanf Greenmens is a professional consulting and advisory firm that was established in 2013 under the Companies Act. The core expertise of the firm encompasses agriculture advisory in the fields of producing, growing, harvesting, manufacturing, and developing various forest species with proven utility. Sanf Greenmens also provides consulting services for a variety of farming crops, forestry plantations, horticulture, medicinal crop farming, aromatic plant farming, animal husbandry, livestock (poultry farming), and aquaculture (fish farming).
Sanf Greenmens is a staunch believer in using natural farming practices to benefit both the environment and people’s health. Significantly, its USP includes On field Consultancy practice, Practical training program for farm laborers, growth monitoring still harvests, Communication with the farmer/client and agricultural labor on a regular basis Ondemand, comprehensive assistance Weekly/ monthly client review meetings (online/offline), services provided, educational activities, profitability, soil, and pasture management. “Our organization’s goal is to make farmers self-sufficient and aware about scientific techniques, and we’re focusing on rural agricultural development”, signifies Satyanarayana Choppavarapu, Managing Director.

Sustainabl Future
Currently, the company operates in eight Indian states and is on the verge of expanding into Chhattisgarh, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh. And as it forges ahead, the firm aspires to improve the lives of farmers, with the primary goal of producing nutritious food crops using only natural fertilizers. Along with agriculture, the firm also emphasizes the allied sectors related to live stock management.

Sanf Greenmens is a staunch believer in using natural farming practices to benefit both the environment and people’s health

Significantly, agroforestry and integrated farming are the two most essential factors in increasing land productivity. Using these methods, anyone can set up a Melia Dubia plantation and earn huge profits in India. Perfectly understanding the scenario, Sanf Greenmens intends to enlighten its clients about the benefits of setting up a Melia Dubia plantation. And also intends to increase the timber production of India and make India one of the largest producers of highquality timber wood. The goal is to make India selfreliant and selfdependent on the raw material related to timber. To increase the availability of timber in India, the firm is educating people about Melia Dubia, and encouraging them to be involved in its plantation. “We dream of a better future, and so we intend to bring back our youth to the very root of our culture i.e farming. As a SANF team, we work to serve the farmers and improve their impoverished state”, concludes Satyanarayana Choppavarapu.