Sangam Group: Delivering Exceptional Oversight & Leadership In Executing Projects From Planning To Completion

Madhuri CKS ,Vice President

Madhuri CKS

Vice President

According to a report published in Manage South Asia, by 2030, India will have more than 1.5 billion people. To provide the necessary infrastructure for all of them hence becomes a prerequisite. The success of ambitious government plans such as Digital India, Make in India and Smart Cities is also largely dependent on infrastructure. Project management is therefore critical for the successful execution of such large projects.

An effective project management is therefore critical to ensure the completion of projects that deliver value within the stipulated cost and time framework. Navi Mumbaibased Sangam Group is an example of one company that has been leading in this industry with experience and expertise. Sangam Group is a team of Engineers with excellent background in the field of engineering works including highways, bridges & roads, hotels & restaurants, hospitals, industrial structures, multistoried buildings, interiors, survey works and implementation & management of turnkey projects.

The company has also done Green Building Projects (This kind of projects are collaborative, and user-friendly assessment and rating system that provides a three-in-one assessment of environmental sustainability, health and well-being, and resilience of an individual buildings).
“We are confident that our professional education, significant business experience together with the proven project management abilities will enable our clients to make a positive contribution towards planning & executing the projects.SPC Team Members have been instrumental in successfully completing Multi-Specialty Hospitals & Five Star Hotels of InternationalRepute in the past”, says Madhav Patil, Founder, Sangam Group. As a ‘Consultant’, Sangam shall crystallize the experience gained over past years and know-how to propose and prepare detailed Engineering Reports, Feasibility Studies, Financial Advice on profitability and Construction/ Production Control and to analyze a situation and structure a solution.

Service Offerings
As a Project Management Consultant, the team at Sangam acts on behalf of and for the OWNER as project manager The team monitors, coordinates, manages and administers the activities of participants in the Project with a view to its timely and economical completion within predetermined schedule, cost and quality & HSE parameters. “We develop a customized project management procedure manual for the performance of all services and implement it after OWNER’S review. We will perform, or cause to be performed, in accordance with approved procedure by OWNER”, adds Madhav Patil.

The PMC at Sangam shall ensure that while carrying out the services under the assignment due importance and regard is given to the overall aesthetics and ambience. The PMC shall also take due precautions to ensure all necessary Compliances for Environmental and Health & Safety requirements at site as well as at Contractors labour camps. Towards or after completion of the physical construction and installation of the various facilities and systems, the PMC shall check-out tests for facilities and systems required by the various specifications for the purpose of demonstrating to the Owner. The team ensures that the structural, civil, architectural, mechanical, electrical and special equipment components and other furnishings have been correctly installed and are ready to be used and operated.

Onward & Upward
Since its foundation, Sangam Group has successfully delivery each project within the set timeline and under the established budget. It is committed to its role and is continuously seeking innovative ways to deliver on its commitment.

The team at Sangam currently has a pipeline of projects to be completed for the next five years. It hopes to continually focus on Tier-II & III cities and hopes to invent project management in these cities. “We hope to introduce project management in small cities and towns across India. Our focus is on developing India from its core”, concludes Madhav Patil.